3-Version Rose Tutorial

A photo tutorial by: Lisa Gregory















~~~ List of supplies~~~

paper, coffee filters, grunge paper or card stock
thin dowel or paintbrush
5, 6, or 7 petal flower dies or punches any size

**Optional supplies**
Glimmer Mist or any colorwash spray
Rock Candy Stickles to add textured sparkle with out changing color
Stickles to enhance






Step 1
Die cut or punch out 
3 flower cuts








Cut   a slit in the 1st flower from the side to the middle
Cut away 1 petal in second flower
Cut away a double petal in the 3rd flower
If you are using a 7 petal flower you could cut away a triple petal (not shown)
Ink all edges







Step 3
Curl under all the petals using a thin paintbrush or dowel.







Step 4
With your double petal, curl one petal outward and the other inward. Then roll onto itself creating a cone shape and glue the flap.







Step 5
Curl your single petal inward on both sides







Step 6
Starting with your 1st flower, wrap the flower into a cone shape overlapping one petal over the other and glue it down. Repeat with flowers 2 and 3.
You should now have 5 pieces of flower that look like this. After the glue is dry, you could very carefully squash down the points in the undeeath of the 3 big flower pieces as I did. Or you could cut away part of the tip of the cones. This allows the flower to lay flat as you stack the layers together to create your flower. Now starting with the larger piece, start stacking your flowers using glue in between each layer to secure. The last 2 smaller layers will have to be cut down as to lay in the flower nicely.







Step 7
This is your finished flower. 
You could then glimmer mist, glitter, stickle or paint your flowers. I give you the bones, You take the creative license and run with it!!







5 Petal Variation







7 Petal Variation