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About Us

Swirlydoos is an online, all-inclusive scrapbook community and monthly scrapbook kit club. Our website is a major hub for all things scrapbooking and paper crafting. We offer free scrapbook tutorials, videos, community forums and galleries in addition to our monthly Top Shelf scrapbook kits.  Scrapbookers and paper crafters from around the globe congregate on Swirlydoos' website to take advantage of our weekly video and photo tutorials created by some of the top designers in the industry.

Since Swirlydoos' inception, in December 2008, we have seen over 8 million page views and over 5 million unique visitors!  Currently we are averaging 127,825 unique visitors per month and 168,530 page loads per month.  In addition, there are ore than 2,500 unique email addresses registered to receive our e-mail news blasts, more than 900 followers of our blog, and more than 3,400 subscribers to our YouTube channel. Advertising on is a great way to put your product directly in front of your targeted scrapbook audience.  Our web audience is compromised of scrapbookers, paper crafters, altered artists, designers, manufacturers and  store owners. Advertising not only encourages potential customers to visit your site and view your products, but it also helps with brand recognition!

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We offer paid advertising spots – where vendors may purchase specific advertising items such as featured ad blocks or banners. We also offer other means of advertising such as product donation and blog hop participation.

Site Banner Advertising Rates

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annual contracts save 20%

Static Banner Your advertisement will appear on EVERY SINGLE PAGE of our website as a constant/permanent banner on our sidebar. (Unlimited click throughs) 200×200 pixels max  100.00 80.00/mo
Rotating Banner Advertisers on this program will rotate with no more than 3 other ad spots. Ads rotate with each page click. (Unlimited click throughs)

200×200 pixels max 

50.00 40.00/mo
Static Blog Banner Your advertisement will appear on our blog page as a constant/permanent banner on our sidebar. (Unlimited click throughs)

200×200 pixels max 

30.00 24.00/mo


Swirlydoos Kit Club hosts a massive blog hop each  month to unveil each new scrapbook kit. We strongly encourage the manufacturers with whom we represent in those kits to participate in our hops, though we welcome all manufacturers to join in! Previous participating manufacturers have boasted increases of up to 10,000 hits to their company blogs during our hops! That's a sizeable number of targeted end users going directly to your site, and seeing your products! To participate in one of the Swirlydoos blog hops, you must be able to hop on the date specified by our hop coordinator, and you must donate a scrapbook/paper crafting prize package valued at a minimum of $25.00 retail. Your company name, your prize photo and a brief description of your products will be displayed on the Blog Hop post on the day of our hop. For more information on joining in on the Swirlydoos Blog Hops please e-mail our hop coordinator at r[email protected].


Swirlydoos Kit Club members LOVE to win free stuff! (who doesn't?) We are happy to host contests sponsored by manufacturers. Previous manufacturers who have hosted contests with Swirlydoos have donated prize packages for drawings, sketch contests, manufacturer specific project contests, facebook post contests, technique contests and more! We are happy to discuss hosting a manufacturer specific customized contest with you. To host a manufacturer specific contest, which will include  e-mail, site, and blog marketing on our end you must be able to donate a prize package of your choosing valued at a minimum of $50.00 retail. Please e-mail [email protected] to schedule a date/time. We only allow one contest to run at a time, maximizing the advertising potential for the manufacturer involved.


Swirlydoos Kit Club hosts multiple special events throughout the year, namely our Camp Swirlydoos Retreats. We are happy to accept product/project donations from our manufacturers for our swag bags. Our retreats are week-long scrap havens catering to every whim of our ultra crafty campers. Our incredibly talented designers teach project and technique classes, we hold contests, and each camper leaves with a goody bag that would make CHA bags look like empty zip-locks! Manufacturers who donate products for our special events get permanent ad spot placement on our retreat pages, in our swag bags, on our forums, blogs, newsletters and email blasts. If you are interested in putting your product directly in front of our girls, and getting  recognition all over the place please contact [email protected] for more information.

Swirlydoos Kit Club is open to promotional ideas that you might have, so please do not hesitate to contact us ([email protected])  if you feel that the above advertising options do not fit your needs exactly.