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    Seems like I've been gone for ages! My remodel is almost finished! YEA!! Of course, everything started had complications….even hanging new light fixtures was a pain! My house must have been made with a Leggo set???
    The only thing left to be done is to paint and stain my new mantel ….which is gorgeous….and build a new gate for my back fence. I haven't had time to scrap one page of the September kit, so I'm way behind. I started work two weeks ago too, so that has also taken up lots of time. I finally got smart and hired two ladies to come and help me clean on Saturday so I could get finished without killing myself. That was worth the money.
    Hopefully I'm back to the land of the living. I've missed ya'll!!!


    Swirly Scrapper
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      Debbie, welcome back!!!!!
      So glad that the remodel is coming along at last 🙂
      Please, can we see??????


      I forgot that I'm waiting on blinds for the kitchen. I had ordered shutters but decided that they would get too dirty in the kitchen, so I changed to faux wooden blinds. I'll have a reveal when they are up. I LOVE my kitchen window. It's big and looks out into my front yard. I can see the entire neighborhood and it's so light and happy. I'm loving it!! (except in the moing when I have bedhead and I'm looking out with my coffee and everyone is leaving for work….and they can see me! ugh!)


      We've missed you too. So glad to have our friend back.

      We'd love to peak at the new kitchen. I bet it feels great having your routine and life back to normal. Good for you.

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        welcome home honey!


        Can't wait to see the new kitchen! I thought you were retired Debbie. Did you go back to work or were you not retired?


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          So, where are the pics???? Glad to see your smiling face back!! XO


          Good to hear from you and that the remodel is a success! Can't wait for the pics!


          Welcome back!

          We are in a constant state of remodel around here. I would love for it all to be DONE! ;D

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            Hello Debbie!! How are you liking the new kitchen?? Pics please 🙂

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