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    Hi ladies,

    I was wondering if there is someone who wants to assist me in these card challenges?
    I know that, we have some amazing card makers in our Swirly family, so if you would like to help me out with setting these up, feel free to step forwards. Maybe if you even want to challenge yourself, for doing more cards, this could be something for you. Or maybe there are even a few of you, who would like to host a card challenge, then we could set someting up like the RR but then for cards.

    Let me know how you feel about it.


    I would love for more action in the cardparts of the forum (sins I only make cards and stuff like them).. I could surly help out, but feel I am really to new to this wonderful forum and kitclub..


    And why would you think that Linda? We LOVE new members who wants to play! How do you feel about something like the RR challenge?


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      @ Linda, listen to Paulien. We were all of us new to Swirlydoos at one time.

      @ Paulien, PM'd you.


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        A round robin for cards sounds awesome! I'd love to play along, or host, whatever! 🙂

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          Count me in Paulien, What ever you want me to do, just let me know..

          Linda, Just looked at your blog and you have some beautiful cards on there..


          Thank you sweeties!
          I'm still brewing on idea's on how to make this a good place to hang out and lea lots.
          I know I've been doing these card tuts, and on every card there are a bunch of techniques. There for, it might be a little bit intimidating. So if we can think of something, I'd be happy to high light one of the techniques that is being used on the card, for that week. And I think that a RR for cards would be awesome.

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            I love leaing all of the techniques you use on your cards Paulien and a RR might be fun. I can't participate in the regular RR as I'm not getting the Swirlydoos kits yet so if we didn't have to use the Swirlydoos kit items for the cards I could participate in this one.


            This sounds real fun.. If you need a hand just let me know.. and if I understand right the RR is a 4 week challange where you lift your own teammembers..


            Steph, because this Card Challenge section is open to anyone… you can use what ever you want.

            Linda… yes, you got that right!


            It sound real fun… for someone who does not make layouts more action in the card part would be just top… 🙂 today I have a scrappy day, (it is 09 am her in norway right now).. Need to make a gift to a wondrful shop who gave med lots and lots of old books with wallpapersamples.. they are so fun to work with..

            But I am up for anything new and more her in the cardparts of this wonderful place.. 🙂


            Paulien I would love to help you also…whatever you need. I know I have been lagging around here but I am busy but I do love the cards so put me to work!!!


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              Well, Paulien, it looks like you have some willing and eager elves. Just let us know what you'd like us to do!!!!


              Omg you all are a bunch of SWEETIES!!!!!!!
              Let us brew on some idea's. Cause how about the RR (Ireally like that one) but I still would like to offer some tips and trics…. ehmmmmm?????


              Okay ladies…. let me share my idea's and please share yours too!!!!

              So we all love the idea of RR for cards right?
              I was thinking of definitely using the RR, but you all have to talk me into how that works according hosting and schedule. I mean, the schedule depends on how many participants we'd have right?
              I would like to see this RR for cards in a 3 weeks challenge, instead of 4 weeks. For the twists, we could use idea's from the original schedule, like: shapes – **** only – colors etc etc. I could highlight (step by step tut) the techniques being used on the *first* card that is made for the teams. (does that make sense?)

              Why do I like it to be a 3 weeks challenge? Well, I still would like to offer, let's call this *Surprise Challenge*
              Fun things. Like boxes or a cards shape or a quick mini album etc, etc. Also this could be a week where requested techniques can be more digged out. So, if you have a request or want to lea more about a specific technique, this could be done in that *Surprise Challenge*

              What do you think of this????

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