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    Ok, Sistah! Give us all a tut Photoshop on what you've been leaing. I've been playing with it for several years and I still haven't leaed what you have…and I'm jealous!!!


    hold it right there. Just last month you posted the most amazing LO using your grandbaby's photo that you edited like a little angel.


    Thanks Jen…..but have you seen whatMaggi can do??? She is a pro right now! Honestly,I don't think it's Photoshop…..I think Maggi is looking awesome….and I wanna look like her! It's easy to use my DGD for a subject….even if I mess up, Brynlee still looks darling!


    Maggi's photo is gorgeous. She may just have the propensity to lea photoshop faster but you are grasping it quickly also. don't be hard on yourself. It's taken me a year thus far and I've been taking classes. I start another one next week.

    You are making bigger strides then most will ever do. Hang in there sista and you will look like a teen queen soon also – though you are already there and you have not noticed or realize it yet.

    Heck , you got sweet ride and are lookin hot baby!

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      OH blush, blush, I just saw this. Debbie you are too too kind! I would love to write a tut for you but truth be told, all I did was go to the Guided tab in PSE9 and down near the bottom under Fun Edits is Perfect Portrait. Click on that and it walks you through the steps. I just used that and got what I got. As I recall, you have the full up Photoshop so can't help you there. The Guided section is great, I don't know if that's new to PSE 9 or not, it was not in PSE 4. It has really helped my leaing curve as I can better see what steps to take to do something.

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    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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