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    I'm frustrated. I know how to upload in the galleries and the forums..at least I thought I did. I've tried to upload two layouts. Both are jpg and both are 600 x 600. I have tried refresh which is a trick I leaed last time but it is not working either.
    In the round robin forum I chose my file and saw it there…but when I submitted my post the file disappeared.
    So I went to the gallery to load it and the heading across the top did not show upload on the specific galleries I tried which were the Beau Jardin and the Midnight Waltz kit galleries and Ang's Butterlfy challenge. So I clicked on the general kit galleries and the upload showed there so I clicked that and then chose the specific galleries I wanted but when I chose my file it said file too big. Both layouts I tried to upload are 600 by 600 so they are not too big.
    I just can't load either layout anywhere. I even logged out and logged back in.
    I am really busy today but will check in off and on all day.


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      I just uploaded file to the Card Challenge and Gallery and it worked. I'm not sure what the file size was as I'm not that tech savvy, in iPhoto it was Medium. I have read somewhere before someone saying they had to scale a photo down to 500X500 – maybe that would work? Otherwise I'm sure Lisa V or one of the other ladies will be able to help you out.


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        Jeannie, where are you uploading from? Your desktop, or someplace like photobucket?


        I'm loading from my desktop.
        I can resize but don't really want to make them too small….isn't 600 by 600 acceptable.

        PS..all is well..I started over from scratch with new photos of the layouts and for some reason it worked. One of the files was still to big at 600 so I changed it 599 and it went…lol.

        Uploading here is a challenge, ain't it?

        Thanks anyway!!


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          I'm glad you got it to work!

          Krissy is looking into other gallery options.

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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