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    I want to see everyone's scrappy space!! If Lil Mimi, Connie, and I are brave enough, you should be too! I'm throwing down the gauntlet to all my SwirlySisters to be brave and let us see.
    Notice: This space is in the midst of being organized. It usually looks worse! LOL
    This is my chair that my DGD decorated for me one night. You should have seen her when she was done!





    The walls are covered with slatboard which was a wonderful idea at first. Now, I wish I had stayed with the Rubbermaid system of rails and shelving.

    OOPS! I didn't include the under the desk shots of storage drawers and such…but I think you get the drift of what a mess it is. No wonder I'm not very productive!


    I'm officially depressed now. It didn't look so terrible until I took pictures and looked at my space.
    Taking Amber's advice and moving everything out….Out, Out damned spot!!!

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      Oh Mimi, I'm soooo proud of you! I love that chair, I'm not letting you touch a thing on it. You have to keep the pink because it's such a cute story! And girlfriend, lots of hope for you too! Lots of good storage stuff to work with. Cheers my friend! I may be off the forums for awhile. Mama's here now and we have to go drool all over Robert Pattinson in Water for Elephants


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        It looks like you've got lots of organization happening already, you're not starting from scratch, so that's great! Can't wait to see what it looks like when you're done. I'm sure it will be great to start the New Year with a nice uncluttered space.


        You have alot of great storage. Don't be depressed, you haven't seen my space yet.


        Cleaning, cleaning….Just popped a bottle of vino! This mess will surely look better after a bottle or two!!! What to do with all the cords and wires??? Next life, everything will be wireless!!!


        I'm officially depressed now. It didn't look so terrible until I took pictures and looked at my space.
        Taking Amber's advice and moving everything out….Out, Out damned spot!!!

        That's what I did today!!!
        Thank You Amber for the kick in the a$$!!
        Everything went out in my hallway. Thank goodness I have a very long hallway!!


        Well my back was hurting and now it really, really hurts. We are all going to be mad at Amber come the work week. Lol I actually started mine two weeks ago but couldn't do anything until the desks got fixed and the shelves are up (Monday hopefully). My brothers-in-law were pretty discouraged when they realized they had purchased the wrong size boards. They are so funny together – each blaming the other and keep me laughing. They weren't real happy when they left though.

        I agree with Debbie everyone should share their scraprooms. When I post pictures from the mess in the little room it will be the worst I am sure. The stuff in the front living room was cleaned up for the holiday. They we should post the pictures again in three months when we all have been busy scrapping etc.



        OMG!!! One of my Hispanic friends told me that it's bad luck to have a dirty, cluttered house on New Year's Day…..I'm sunk!!! There's always 2013 to look forward to if the Mayans were incorrect in their calendar! :p If they were correct about 2012, it won't matter one bit how horrible our scrappy space is right now!! !lol


        I'm Hispanic, and I dont know about that superstition, but I know in Scotland it is bad luck to welcome the New Year with a dirty house. My childhood bestie's mum is from Scotland and I always remember her telling us about cleaning our rooms before the stroke of midnight!! it's called the Redding.

        The Redding (readying) is a exhaustive housecleaning. In Scotland, it's bad form to meet the New Year with a dirty house. Special attention is given to the ashes in the fireplace. Someone with a talent for divining reads the ashes of the last fire of the year. From these he or she is able to predict what the New Year will hold. Sometimes the house is smoked with buing juniper branches and sprinkled with blessed water. Debts from the past year must also be paid. All the cleaning, smoking, sprinkling, and paying of debts must be completed before the bells at midnight on New Year's Eve so that the New Year can be welcomed with a clean house and clear conscience.


        That's what she always taught us.

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          My mom's Irish but she has always insisted that the house be clean for New Year's and has stayed up till the midnight hour making sure her ironing was all caught up! Don't know what happened to me. I've never bought into that. 🙂


          Oh Big Mimi, you took the plunge! Love it! And your chair, like Amber said..don't change a thing! Such a cute story!
          I guess we all have a goal for New Years thanks to Amber! ;)

          Oh..and BTW, I've never heard of such a thing when it comes to Hispanic traditions and I live right on the border and 100% Chicana.
          So your safe for tonight Deb! Lol
          Happy New Year's Eve everyone!


          Whew! Glad I'm not Irish!! LOL! I'm German and English, and I don't know of any cleaning theories for the New Year….Of course, what am I doing right now??? Cleaning and drinking…(that's the German in me coming out!!)



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