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    As a new DT member, I would first like to say a few words. My step by step tutorials, are
    STEP by STEP Lots of pictures and instructions. The reason why I do this, is that we want to welcome, our beginner crafters, with open arms. The instructions will be easy to follow, but IF there is any question, please ask. okay lets get started.

    Supplies: white or cream cardstock – design papers – paper trimmer – exacto knife – foam dots or foam adhesive – glue or double sided adhesive – edge distresser (or your fingeails) hot glue gun – Gesso – flat brush – ink foam-blending tool – vintage photo, frayed burlap distress ink – Rock Candy distress stickles – 3 white flowers from the kit – 3 baby roses – pearls or liquid pearls – one of Lisa's butterflies.

    Take a 6 x 12 white or cream piece of cardstock. fold double. This is your card base.

    Cut a piece of design paper of 5.6 x 3.5

    Cut another piece of design paper of 5.6 x 3.5

    Cut another piece of design paper of 3.3 x 4.5

    Fold it gently double and cut one coer off.

    You'll end up with a tag shape.

    Cut another piece of design paper of 3 x 2

    Cut a small piece of design paper of 1.5 x 1.2

    Cut the little word post card out of your design paper.

    Distress the edges. You can do this by using an edge distresser or using your fingeails. I like to slightly wetten my paper first, by running a babywipe along the edges, then scratch with my nails along the edges. Ink your edges.

    Distress all the edges of your papers.
    Distress the base of your card.

    Glue your first design paper at the top of your card.

    Take the flowery design paper and cut with your exacto knife around the flowers, something like this.

    Add glue or double side adhesive to your back of your paper. Something like this.
    You have to be careful that you don't glue the part that needs to be lifted, otherwise we can't slice our tag undeeath. Glue this piece of design paper at the bottom of your card.

    Fold the flap a little open and add some pop dots or foam adhesive. Don't take the backing off yet.

    Add glue to your tag and slice it under the cut around flowers.
    Take the backing off of your foam dots and stick down on your tag.

    Take the 3 x 2 and the 1.5 x 1.2 pieces of design paper and glue them like this onto your tag.

    Take the little Post Card strip and glue it onto your tag, something like this.
    Add a brad. I always cut of the iron legs and attach it by using my hot glue gun.

    Take 3 of the white flowers that come in the kit and strip them, something like this.
    We only will use the white rozettes.

    Take 3 little baby roses (or you can also use pearls or whatever you'd like for the centers)
    and glue them in the centers of the rozettes. Glue them down to your card, something like this.

    Cut a little butterfly. I used one of Lisa's uploaded butterflies.
    Rub the wings with Rock Candy distress stickles. Let it dry or heat dry it.

    Take a little Gesso and let it dry for a minute of 5-10. This way, it gets a little sturdy and gives you a better way to handle it and add even more texture.


    Add the Gesso to your card at the top left and the bottom right. I used a flat paint brush to bring it on. Let it dry or heat dry it.

    Take some little pearls or liquid pearls and place them on the right top of your card, and the bottom left.

    Place your butterfly.


    For the final touch: When the Gesso is all dry, lightly whipe some vintage photo distress ink
    over the raised area's, using your foam-ink blending tool. And your done!!

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      oooooooo that is awesome 🙂 love it!!!!!!! tytyty


      Awesome! I've never worked w/Gesso but definitely want to give it a try!

      Question: is there a particular type of gesso to try or is it all the same? Does it come in colors or is it standard white?


      What a great tutorial!!! The card is so cute!!!


      Erica, I just use regular (cheap) white Gesso. Yes I believe there is black Gesso too, I never used it. Gesso is easy to color and mixed with any acrylic paint, or maybe even with a drop of alcohol ink. I like to use my Distress re-inkers to color the Gesso.


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        Paulien this is outstanding!!! Thank you so much. I love how you made the tag and fussy cut the flower to pop it off the page. I adore all of the texture you use and had no idea that you let your Gesso sit to thicken first.

        *clapping* YAY love this 🙂


        Thank you Paulien for a wonderfully beautiful tutorial!! The card is beautiful!! Your instructions are perfectly easy to follow!! Bravo!!!! *clapping with Lisa*

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          Thanks Paulien!!!! I soooo have to make some cards now!!!


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            Oh, Pauline – thank you so much – I always love your creations. Been n the fence about gesso – no I have to get some. I love how you gave dementions.


            Gorgeous card, Paulien! Thankyou so much for sharing this awesome tutorial with us!

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              Oh Paulien this is so awesome. As one of the beginning crafters, I thank you so much! I will be trying this right away!!

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                Oh Paulien!! This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                "Some cars look like they're going fast when they're standing still. The Camaro looks like it's going to beat you unconscious, put you in a silly hat, invite a couple of other Camaros over to take photos of you, then e-mail them to all your friends and co-workers. Call me crazy, but I like that in a car."


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                  Not only a beautiful card, but an awesome tutorial, Paulien!!!! Thanks so very much and let me join in with the applause.
                  *clapping with the Lisas*Yayyyyyy!!!!!


                  You girls are funny!!!! Thanks ladies!


                  Beautiful card and great tutorial! Thanks, Paulien!

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