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      Hello! I'm a fan of the show Chopped on the food channel where they give the chefs three items and they each have to create a dish using the items. Recently when I was on vacation I took a mini art kit with me in anticipation of the UDC challenge. When the guidelines came out I had to enlist some everyday items (kleenex, cotton balls, toothpaste) in unique ways to create something. Afterward I thought it might make an interesting challenge to have each participant use the exact same very limited items to create something. For instance, in my mini kit I had a glue stick, three varying size Pitt pens, some water colors, a mini-mister, two water brushes, and watercolor paper. Certainly other items could be used instead. With all the uber-creative savages here I'm guessing it would produce some cool thangs!

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        That's sounds very interesting Katy!

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        cool idea!


        That is a cool idea. I love that show!

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