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    My DD and I went to a new store called Make-Up Junkie yesterday and I got some fab new eye stuff by Stelli. Never used it before, and it looked really awesome! I got all showered and ready to do my eyes which used to be my best feature. Well….when I put the lightest color below my brow, I reminded myself of a lizard with shimmery scales!
    Damn! Getting old is a drag sometimes!!!!


    Awwww……..I'm sure your your own worst critic, and it wasn't that bad! Try some moisturizer first and then some concealer, blend in the concealer well then, apply the shadow…you may have better luck:)


    Thanks for the tip Tina…from another SEASONED SISTA!!!!!


    Hahaha……. ;)



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      Tina…you sound like you've worked the Clinque counter…lol!!

      "Some cars look like they're going fast when they're standing still. The Camaro looks like it's going to beat you unconscious, put you in a silly hat, invite a couple of other Camaros over to take photos of you, then e-mail them to all your friends and co-workers. Call me crazy, but I like that in a car."


      No!!! But it works for dry skin, lines and puffiness:)


      I love new makeup! I bought way too much last month!

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        Love that tip….will have to try it…thanks, Tina!


        Tina….thanks for the tip. I did try it, and I didn't look as much like a shimmery lizard after the eye treatment. I just have to face the cold hard facts….I need an eye fix…..along with several other fixes all over my bountiful body!



        YEAH, sometimes I don't feel like putting on eyeshadow. So I will do that, cause otherwise my lids look naked and lighter in color. The concealer just makes them blend in with the rest of my face.

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