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      Ok girls, I re-read all the suggestions from the first post, so I've changed around the info to help accomodate everyone 🙂

      Swap Info:

      – We will have groups of 3 or 4 (may be shuffled depending on the amount of signups)

      – you are to create 2 blooms/flowers per person. These blooms can be created with any medium, patteed paper, cardstock, etc. (please be sure they are fastened or glued well so they don't come apart)

      – once all your blooms have been created, package them (CAREFULLY) and send them to me. See shipping tips below.

      – make sure you include a note with your address INSIDE the package to be sure I have the proper name and addy to send your blooms to

      – I'll include your names with your flowers when they are sent out so you know who made what 🙂

      – all blooms should be in my hands no later than FEB 15th. I will then have them all in the mail by FEB 20th.

      -you don't have to worry about sending an extra envelope or postage or $$ for shipping. This first swap is on me!!

      -if you sign up your name will be listed here in this thread…if I miss someone, let me know. If for some reason you sign up and find you cannot make the deadline, PLEASE be sure to let me know ASAP so that I can either find a replacement or make up the difference. Please don't just flake out, things happen….but I'm sure there won't be any problems with the swirly goodness here


      I'm unsure for any ladies that are outside the US, so maybe one of you can offer tips on shipping.

      When packaging, especially if you added dust or glitter…attach your flowers to a piece of cardstock to secure them and/or use ziplock bags.

      For those of you in the US, for something bulky like flowers, I've found it much easier to use a flat rate box that can be obtained at your local post office. I do believe the box is free of charge, you just pay a flat rate to ship. You may also use a bubble wrap envelope as well, although I have found them to be more expensive.

      I think that's everything…if you have any questions feel free to ask!!


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        January is always gruesome weather-wise up here in Alberta. This sounds like a wonderful way to stay warm (and cheerful) as the snow piles up. So I would love to join the swap. I don't ship a lot of parcels out so don't have any tips for shipping in Canada. It will be a leaing experience for me. 🙂

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