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    Hi! My name is Patti Hamil, and I've known Krissy for a while now, lol!!! I plan on subscribing to Swirlydoos soon, but Lisa G. invited me to come to the forums even before I join! Thanks Lisa!!! I have lurked here for awhile, but I felt like a spy, I was on another kit club DT for a few years, but now I'm no longer a part of it, so I felt that it was a great time to join Krissy and her gang. I have loved her kits since the beginning, they suit my style and are always crammed with so many lovely things, and her DT is awesome, some already friends of mine from sb.com and that I have admired forever. Anyway, I'm glad to be here and look forward to getting to know everyone!


    Welcome Patti – no need to stay away now – jump on in ;D

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      welcome and have fun here..look forward to seeing your work


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        *gasp* There's another kit club?! LOL You've tried the rest, now try the best! ;D

        Welcome home Patty! So very glad to have you here!!!


        Too true Lisa too true!! Welcome!!

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          LMAO Lisa hehe


          Thanks ladies!!! I was on the DT so I felt obligated, but I've always LOVED Krissy's kits. She was a friend way before I was on the other kit club!!! LOL! Thanks for the welcome!!!! I hope to get to subscribe really soon, I look so foward to seeing the Swirly reveal every month at sb.com!!! And Ang and Krissy's mom, and Lisa have been on my stalk list for years!!! LOL!


          And of course my good friend Paulien!!! I'm so happy that's she is a part of your team now!!!! she is the best!!!!


          awww honey….. So HAPPY to see you here!!!!!!

          whoohooo…. finally!!!


          Thanks sweetie!!!!


          Welcome Patti! Can't wait to see your LO's!


          Do you all only post kit pages, or do you have a general gallery for other pages, like the pages for The Color Room, or Once Upon A Sketch, is that allowed? Or is it only Swirlys pages?


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            You can post whatever you want! 🙂


            Oh, thanks!!! I'll try to post something later today. My dh is home today, and we're putting mulch in the yard. I'm slacking right now, I'm inside! GOtta run, but I'll be back later. Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I can tell I'm going to like it here!

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              Hi Patti…welcome to swirlyville

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