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    Ok, my space is a HUGE mess! I finished making a mini album for my mom as a X-mas gift and I never got to cleaning up afterwards. Excuses..Excuses right?! Anyways, as promised Amber..here is my lil scrappy space! My room is tiny, about 10×9. YIKES! Oh, and that large dresser undeeath my wall shelves is full of clothes…I wish it was full of scrappy goodies! I just don't have anywhere else in our house to put it! HAHA


    It's your tu Big Mimi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come out, come out wherever you are! DEB!! lol


    I love your space Erica!! And that dresser!! OMG, Gorgeous!! Just dump the clothes and put scrappy stuff in there!!! lol


    Ok, ok…..here I come. Running for my camera!!!
    Your space is not bad at all, Lil Sister! I love your wall cabbies and your wicker baskets! So cute!!! I wish I hadn't put slatboard in my space and just went entirely with the wall brackets like you have. It's so much easier to change your mind when you decide to….

    Here I go! Back in a few!

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      OMG, Lil Mimi, I'm so proud of you! Not half as bad as you were making it out. That dresser is to die for! Lisa's right…who needs clothes? LOL! You're already on the right track with those baskets and shelving system. Love it all, especially your mist holder the DH made!


      I like your space Erica. The dresser is to die for, and those basket are just what I need.


      yOUR space is not as bad as you claim. I love the dresser. Buy some of those suck up bags and put the clothes under the bed and use the dresser for scrap stuff. Those bags also work well in garage for storage. Do you think your DH would be willing to make others of us the mist holder thing. We would of course pay him handsomely (well some anyway). Anyone have an idea where to get something like the misting thing?


      Awe thank you ladies for all your sweet comments!
      What a great idea! I should dump the clothes and use my dresser for scrappy space..lol!
      I think I'm going to start reorganizing and organizing thanks to all the support and wonderful ideas from my Swirly Girlies! ;)


      Kathy..sending you a PM.


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        Erica You have gorgeous storage. I love those baskets.

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          Lil Mimi, what are those white things on the very top shelf? Are those canvases?

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            Lil Mimi love the dresser. I agree with Lisa dump the clothes


            Ok..already tAlked DH into moving that heavy ass dresser out of my room and I currently have the IKEA 2012 catalog in hand, so any suggestions?
            Maybe IKEA isn't the way to go?
            Amber, those are canvases that I bought frm M's. I took a SheArt class and loved it! I think I have ADD, I have so many UFO's (Un Finished Objects)! Haha


            Lil Mimi….did you sweet hubby make that tu-around for your mists??? Awesome. I was studying it and my wheels started tuing. I just wish I'd win the lottery!!! 🙂


            Speaking of UFO's, still working on January SGC! Aaaaaah!

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