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    As some of you might know, I miscarried in September. I am now pregnant again (11 weeks) with a very rough start (one dash to the hospital with the ambulance is enough!!!) So, send me all your positive vibes!!! I could really use to read a few stories of you having miscarried and then it worked out just fine. That would give me hope. I feel very, very sick all the time, so almost no scrapping going on , but I hope it will be worth it.

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      I don't have kids, but I had a very good friend who miscarried and it was utterly heartbreaking for her. She did get pregnant again a few months later had a bit of rought times there, but ended up with a beautiful baby girl. A few years after that we were talking about the miscarriage and even though it was a heartbreak for her, she told me if it hadn't have happened she would never had her little girl and she couldn't even imagine her world without that one.

      Do what the doctors tell you and take care of yourself, I will keep you in my thoughts. Keep us posted.

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        I miscarried between my first child and my twins. The twins pregnancy was uneventful and smooth.

        Just try and rest and not worry too much
        You are in my prayers


        You are in my prayers, Elisabeth. My daughter miscarried her first pregnancy and then immediately got pregnant again. It was a rough one, but, she had a beautiful little girl. Make sure you drink plenty of water and don't get dehydrated. That was part of her problem!


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          Sending positive vibes your way! Hugs to you.


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            All my thoughts and prayers are with you!!! I didn't miscarry buy I was so, so sick for my first trimester. I was throwing up 24/7 for days. I was so dehydrated at one point I was almost hospitalized. I ended up losing 6 pounds in one week!

            I hope things go better for you this time!!!

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              Wishing you all the best Elisabeth! I lost my first baby at 5 months and they were never able to figure out what went wrong. I tried again a year later and was blessed with a little boy who is now 29. I went on and even had 2 more! (A boy and a girl) Strangely enough, I was sick as a dog (What's this moing sickness business??? It was more like all day sickness LOL.) with all 3 of them, but not the first little one. It is definitely worth it so hang in there and try not to worry. If you're not able to do much right now, just take it easy, hang out on the forums and let us send you lots of positive vibes!!


              Lots of prayer going out to u!!


              My gf lost her first at four months, after telling everyone she was expecting. She just gave birth to her second daughter.
              Best of luck and lots of love – you WILL get there, I was told once that the rate for miscarriage is a whole lots higher than most thi k it is.


              Praying for you and that sweet baby! Take it easy and pamper yourself, too 🙂

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                HUGGSSS…lots of good wishes going your way


                Good luck and think positive thoughts. I miscarried with my first pregnancy and got pregnant again a few months later and had a healthy baby! It is natural to be afraid after going through one. You think it will happen again but keep the faith. Will be sending good thoughts your way.

                PS- if you feel sick all the time that's a good thing! Means those hormones are doing what they are suppose to do. ;)


                Thank you, girls. You are just so wonderful!
                Will keep you posted!!!


                sending you lots of positive vibes girl!


                I left you a message yesterday Elizabeth. I have been there and back again. I pray that you are feeling better soon and that this pregnancy gives you less grief as time goes by. My prayers are with you. And what Lisa said, if you feel that sick, it is because your HCG levels are probably through the roof!! That is a good thing. Although after the 3 month mark, you should start to feel better. Big Hugs to you…

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