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    For today I skipped the sketch, cause I'm waiting on a new one, BUT I created this little mini album.



    I was so inspired when I was looking through Tim Holtz's video tutorials, and I thought that this one was perfect for a Swirlydoos project. So ladies……

    Please to go to Tim Holtz's blog
    Then click on videos —> go to page 3 —> and click the VALENTINE MINI BOOK. It is on the left bottom.

    Follow his instructions for the folding.
    After you know how you need to fold this mini album, I'll share some steps on the decorating.

    BTW…. I didn't use the tissue tape on the spine and on the top & bottom of my pages.
    I just glued the pockets, using Glossy Accents, and after I glued the pockets, I glued (on the spine side) the pages together. You will completely understand what I mean, once you have glued the covers and pockets. If not… feel free to ask.

    I made my book from one of the Pink Paislee sheets that came in your July kit, and some left over scraps. Here's how I decorated it.


    I first distressed all the edges, but didn't inked them, cause I wanted to go for a softer look.


    I also distressed the edges of the pockets


    Here you can see the spine, glued together.


    I took a small doily and sprayed it. to make it fit my book I made a tiny fold in it.


    I glued half of the doily on the front of my book, and wrapped it around the spine and glued it to the back.


    I added a strip of lace/voile to the front cover and wrapped it around my spine.


    Glued it to the back of my book too.


    I then selected my embellies for the front cover


    I curled the wired pearl string and added it to the little tassel.


    I started my embellishing using a left over flourish.


    added some flowers and a little piece of the twigs (that came in an earlier kit)


    onto the back cover:


    I sooooo regret that I didn't get the project kit, cause I would have loved that gorgeous frame for my book. So… I had to think out side the box and remembered that I had those plastic mini frames. I covered it with white Gesso and after it dried I added some chesnut roan chalk ink, that came in the kit.


    I adhered my frame, using hot glue and dressed it up with some flowers.


    I took 1 of the butterflies, that came in the kit, I took it apart and removed the foam tape.
    inked up the edges of both butterflies and glued them back together (in the middle only.)


    I then glued it (hot glue) to my cover.


    This is what the front and back look like.


    I added a strip of hot glue to the spine of my album and pressed the tassel into the hot glue.

    Here is, just to give you an idea, how I did the inside of the album pages.







    And here are the tags that goes into the pockets.



    I hope you picked up some idea's. There's plecty of room for your wallet size pictures and enough room to joual too.
    This album is a great way to use up scraps and I think that it makes a cute gift too.


    So.. what are the rules for this challenge….

    create a mini album using:

    * the folding technique Tim shows in his video.
    * use packaging, that came in one of your kits.
    * Use left over strips of paper.
    * use paint or Gesso
    * use some sort of frame.

    The rules are a bit more than you are used too, but… we have more pages to work on.

    BTW…. This album took me…. 1 hour… that's right! No thinking, just painting and gluing!
    Most cards, are far more time consuming, so I was pleasantly surprised.

    I can't wait to see those little mini's ladies!

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      Stunning!! I love it!!


      Wow, this is gorgeous!

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        What a sweet little book! I love how you transformed the frame!


        Swirly Scrapper
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          Wow, Paulien, gorgeous! I'm still trying to wrestle the last card into compliance, and here it is, time for the next one.

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            Oh Paulien.. I love it!!! It's so sweet and pretty!!!

            "Some cars look like they're going fast when they're standing still. The Camaro looks like it's going to beat you unconscious, put you in a silly hat, invite a couple of other Camaros over to take photos of you, then e-mail them to all your friends and co-workers. Call me crazy, but I like that in a car."

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              Beautiful mini album Paulien!


              Swirly Scrapper
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                Paulien, what a great project and what a stunning example!!!!
                I remember seeing that video and wanting do do something like it and then it totally went out of my mind. THIS is the perfect incentive to to it for real!!!!

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                  OMG it's beautiful!


                  Thank you lovely ladies… and it was soooooo EASY and QUICK!!!


                  Beautiful minialbum!

                  I saw that video long ago and wondered if I should try it.
                  Now I will!
                  One hour I sure have one day.


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                    Wow, so amazing!


                    so beautiful – love it all, but that frame is so simple and yet you transformed it from blah to beautiful!!

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                      Paulien, I made not just 1, but 3 of these books! So much fun. I used them to package some stick pins that I made. Details and better pics of the pins are on my blog. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!





                      Oh Linda these are Awesome!!!!! Don't thank me hon, It was MR TIM!!!! off to you blog to see more.

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