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      We sure seem to have a lot of lucky women in Swirlydoo. Lots of winners of various prizes. I have never won anything so I am hoping all this good lucky wear off on me. Yes I am selfish and would like some Proma or Webster or anything actually. Actually I would be happy to win a cake about 60 years old, who likes fat women, likes to cook, and doesn't need medicine to function,. Anyone have someone in mind I can hook up with. Guess I will just keep dreaming about the cake.

      I can't believe myself sometimes. Drove through a fast food drive through and there was this very handsome young man with a beautiful smile. I looked at him and told him he was gorgoues and I wish I was about 30 years younger. He was so cute but I think he enjoyed the compliment. I think he was blushing but hard to tell on his dark skin. He sure was a cutie and his smile just made him light up. If I go back through there I might be embarrassed. oH WELL I think they have a word for folks like me. I think it starts with an H and ends with a Y.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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