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      Sorry I have been MIA ladies! Hubby took the week off work and we have been building, sanding, painting, and shabby-chic-ing our brains out tryng to get the redo done on my space.

      I am amazed and astounded at the incredible creativity, originality, and inspiration you all brought to this challenge! Thanks to all who participated!!!

      Please make sure (if you haven't already) to cast your vote. You have till tomorrow at 12:00am PST and I will announce the winner this weekend!!!


      Since Mother’s Day is right around the coer let’s honor Motherhood this month! You can use yourself and your own jouey as an example, your mom, aunt, sister, friend, grandmother, whomever! Dig into those old family photos ladies! I even hope to see some polaroids!

      Now for the twist. My mother has this thing with 3’s and 9’s and multiples of them. They show up in her life everywhere. So the challenge this month is to use ONLY 3’s and/or multiples of 3’s in your layout. That means any element (photos, flowers, buttons, swirls, trims etc.) must be 3 of or a multiple of 3. I really want to see you work this 3 and 9 thing so make sure all your elements add up correctly!

      EXTRA CREDIT CHALLENGE: I’m kicking it up a notch this month and challenging you to make your page interactive. Get creative and show us what you’ve got! Sliders, accordians, pull-outs, whatever your imaginative brain can come up with. You only need to incorporate one interactive element to qualify for the extra credit but you will be awarded one point for each one you do so the more the merrier!

      EXTRA EXTRA CREDIT CHALLENGE: Use something from 3 different kits! (Be sure to tell us what those are.)

      THE RULES:

      – Must be 60% or more Swirly Stuffs

      – You may submit more than one layout

      – Layout must be new for this challenge

      – Please post here in the forum as well as in the Gallery. Title must include

      – Please have your layouts uploaded to the appropriate gallery by midnight CST May 31st.

      – Voting will commence June 1st. Please PM me your 3 favorites (please do not vote for
      yourself.) Everyone who votes gets a point as well. Winner will be announced on or around
      June 7th.

      I’m feeling generous and the prize pack keeps growing as I find more goodies to give away so it’s going to be PACKED full ‘o treasures! We’re talking some Glimmer Mist, Dusty Attic, Maya Road, Webster’s, TONS of stuff! And who knows? There just MAY be three prizes going out!

      Work it ladies and I CAN’T WAIT to see what you all come up with!

      Here is my example:

      The birth of my first son was very difficult. I was unwed and left the father while pregnant, moving back in with my mom. She took me in, cared for me, made me go for long walks in the evening, and sacrificed so much. I was set on a natural birth but my body had other plans and I wound up in an emergency c-section after 72 hours of labor. Mom was there every single moment. She is an amazing woman, and amazing mother, and an amazing Grammy to my children. I am so blessed to have her in my life.



      I did a double slider inside a gatefold with a pull out joualing card. I used elements from Lavender Escape (doilies), Things Remembered (paper and embellies) and Retro Tapestry (paper, embellies, ephemera, stickers.) I made the tie-around with a vintage bobbin from my collection.

      Hope I have inspired you to dig in and have fun!


      The deadline for this challenge has been extended to midnight PST June 15th. Please pm me your 3 top favorites by midnight PST June 18th. Thank you ladies!


      Wow! Ill definitely be giving this one a shot..sounds like fun!!


      Swirly Scrapper
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        Yay Erica! I look forward to seeing your wonderful creation!


        Question.. Does the 3 different kits all have to b swirlydoos? Being new I can probably get the 3 different kits but not all swirly. I should have my may kit in enough time to do this I think? I was planning on doing a LO of my mom. So this fits in good 4 me.. May just have ta give it a try..


        Oh, what fun!!!! Sounds challenging. I haven't gotten my kit yet, but soon…hope, hope!


        Swirly Scrapper
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          Question.. Does the 3 different kits all have to b swirlydoos? Being new I can probably get the 3 different kits but not all swirly. I should have my may kit in enough time to do this I think? I was planning on doing a LO of my mom. So this fits in good 4 me.. May just have ta give it a try..

          Yes the three kits would need to be Swirlydoos kits. Krissy does have some past kits in the store. But that part is only extra credit not a requirement. You can always ea extra points by using more interactive elements! I hope you decide to give it a try!


          Sounds like a great challlenge, Jennifer! Sure hope I have more scrapping time in May than I did in April! I really want to give this a try!


          I knew there was a reason that I bought all the past kits…LOL. Jennifer…why couldn't I have had you as a TEACHER…all those fun chances for Extra credit…I would of had to done well…lol. Sounds like a LOT LOT LOT (get it…3) of fun! I will try hard to get this in! Hugs!

          PS…Hope your Mother is okay….we all know how that goes….plan your time…and never fails…someone needs some of it… 🙂


          Fantastic challenge, can't wait to get started!

          Swirly Admin
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            so like 3 photos too?


            Swirly Scrapper
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              Yep 3 photos! Working on mine right now ;-)


              Swirly Scrapper
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                Well, you did say CHALLENGE!!!! This sounds like a lot of fun as well as a chance for some leaing on my part. Thanks, Jen, this is a great idea!!!!


                ;D Sounds fun!


                Swirly Scrapper
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                  Updated original post with example! Thanks for your patience everyone!


                  WOW!! you sure know how to set the standards HIGH!!! what a beautiful LO, love all the det's, but girl, i bow to you and your 72 hours of labour!!!!

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