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    I was given this awsome 7 gypsies envelopp mini… The ones with the binding… I don't even know how to call it but it's not ring I guess it is spriral bound I think… Anyways what do I do with it, what I mean is, what do you guys do with it, has anyone ever tried them, each enveloppe has like 15 retangular perferation holes for the binding, so how do you paper that… I can't imagine cutting all those holes out by hand… Any ideas??


    don't cover that part, or how bout using a Bind it All?


    I don't have a bind it all… I just googled it and looks like that is what people do but it just looks off to me… there must be something so that it looks… I Don't know… pulled together… maybey some inking or I don't know!!!


    Do I need a bind it all…


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      Can you show us a picture of it? 🙂


      I will when I get home… Would really apreciate any help with this… It is such a great album that I really want to do it justice.


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        One easy tip if you're into distressing. Just tear off some of the holds and leave some to out notepaper look on them except two or three holes where you will use binding ring or ribbon to bind them. For the rest of them, just punch out two or three holes to bind them with the envelope. For the part with the holes, you don;t have to cover them, just ink them or stamp on them. I've just created a mini using 7gypsies large envelope and tags. The full tutorial will be on The Crop Spot from next Monday onwards for a week. Check it out if you want.


        awesome ideas, Irene!

        i've seen people just not do that part behind the binding, or you can GM it, or spray it with whatever, use some paper towel to tuck in there when you do.


        Could you paint it first or cover it with paper first then put the holes in it?

      Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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