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    OK – I need and intervention. I have to sadly admit that I hate misting. My reason, I just do not know how. Honestly, I look at all of the splendidly perfect misted LO's here and I see NO splotches.

    I see Krissy said they made jumbo Smootch. I'm thinking for what????? I can't even get a decent spritz on. So I avoid. And frankly that is exactly why all my LO's this month have been neutrals. (Head hung in shame). Do I have spritzing and masking envy? you bet i do.

    I can use the product if only I use it as a stain and rub it in. Boring and uniform. I love what you all ( or ya'll for the more genteel ladies here) are doing.

    I have a sizable amount of misting products. Manda said once that they get air and then they can splotch. So I do some test sprays into my garbage can. Wipe off the tops, then I am set to go. But not a chance.

    When I am at camp, I am going to implore, beg, whine, sob, hang off someones leg like a dog…….until I lea the trick. It could even be YOUR leg!!!!!!




    jenn don't feel bad I have misting issues also. so we can whine ,beg, sob and hang on someones leg together!!!!


    Swirly Scrapper
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      yeah, I'll hang with ya!!! Probably on Manda's leg!!!! lol!!!!

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        I will be there with you too, I am tired of trying to cover up my misting/masking mistakes.


        The only mist I seem to have trouble with are the smooch ones. I tend to end up with more ink on me then anywhere else


        I will be there with you too, I am tired of trying to cover up my misting/masking mistakes.

        LOL. I know. I can't pretend any longer. yet I love all that misting product. Maybe it's the money spending I love. Or the glamorized vision of misting that exists in my head and ONLY on other people's pages.

        Manda – bring a spare leg, honey. We'll need all your appendages. Maybe Ashli should not be there at that particular moment. It won't be a healthy sight for a young and hopeful person.


        The only mist I seem to have trouble with are the smooch ones. I tend to end up with more ink on me then anywhere else

        I get that too. I also really have a problem with Glimmers and Moodshadows in that the spritzing spray top sort of moves when my fat fingers press it. You know, slips a bit to the side and I start spraying the table or a totally different part of my paper. What the frig is that!!!!

        I have several sheets of mis-misted paper.


        Jen, hold the bottle far away from your paper for a more even look but it really is ok if you have drops on it. That's what adds to the artistic feel of it. Look at Irenes work http://scrapperlicious.blogspot.com/

        She commands the ink and mist world IMO. Go with the splotches. Don't cover them up! Finish your page with the misting on it and you will be surprised at how fabulous it looks. You really have to take the plunge and just do it in order for it to grow on you.


        Lisa, Irene is indeed Queen, but since she will not be at camp, I will volunteer your leg now since you brought her up. It's akin to shooting the messenger. 🙂

        Don't bother trying to spritz me off your leg either. I am used to being covered with the stuff.


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          Jenn, Manda helped me at camp last year, that's one of many reasons that I !heart her.
          Experiment with distance. Like Lisa said, if you want an even look, spray from a distance (I spread newspaper all over the floor, put the paper in the middle and spray.) If you spray close up you will get splotches, but look at Irene and Manda and a lot of the ladies at sbc. Everybody splotches; I've leaed to consider it part of the design.
          Experiment with time. The hardest thing for me is to spray in super-short bursts. A tiny pfffft is a lot different from a split-second longer spray.
          Keep squares of paper towels a your side. If you immediately blot the spray the results are way, way, way different.
          HTH 🙂

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            Jennifer, I think you are thinking to much into it. Just kinda go with the flow. Splotches look awesome..IMO! I don't think that mist it suppose to actually look neat..lol!

            "Some cars look like they're going fast when they're standing still. The Camaro looks like it's going to beat you unconscious, put you in a silly hat, invite a couple of other Camaros over to take photos of you, then e-mail them to all your friends and co-workers. Call me crazy, but I like that in a car."


            jenn you crack me up!!!


            I agree, splotches are part of it. Relax and spritz away!


            hmmmm if that is the case, perhaps spritzing is not really my thing and I have to live staring at bottles of misting stuff. I do use them, just not generally all over my paper.

            Maybe it's not my style. I need to feel in control I think. Nothing wrong with that, just that i don't have the free spirited nature like you spritzing geniuses.

            I will try spritzing from across the room though and see what comes of that. 🙂

            Might even folow up with throwing the bottle.

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