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    All HUMOR aside I have been praying to stop buying so much stuff. I have used up my savings and still can seem to stop. My girlfriend teases me that I have more variety than our local store. I am really excited about Mixed Media and leaing to paint. All joking aside I get very manic and can see I need this for that project, etc. which I get but then I am on to a new project. Now I am researching what kind of paint I should buy to do the dyan rev projects. Gotta get that drawing book. All prayers to help me gain control will be greatfully appreciated (Peggy I won't blame you – but). After I read the book and do a little I have used up my energy time which then puts me back in bed. The greatfulness I have it that I enjoy finding new artists and looking at their work and imagining myself doing something like them. This interest and mania has really helped my depressions and I really enjoy talking with my friend who is also into the dyan stamps and painting and drawing etc.

    I appreciate the prayers and I really do need God's help to calm me and make me able to function without such a sense of urgency to make sure I have everything I need. Pray please that I can get unafraid and work on the things I have going around in my mind. I am doing an art joual and that helps.

    Thank you for your prayers and I have many of you on my prayer list. I went to a class at Weimar and leaed the power of a prayer list in a book. I think I will decorate one and start another one. If you have something specific you would like prayer on send me a message and I would be happy to add you to my list and pray daily for you. There is a great book about this but I don't remember it right now.

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      It's true though, I understand sometimes I get in that I need all of this stuff mode as an artistic outlet for life's frustrations. I really have to force myself to stop and think – do I really need this! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!


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        Kathy, I think that this is compulsive shopping, focused on craft supplies. And you're right: this is no laughing matter, especially since you say that you've gone through your savings. You are already in my prayers, let me add a few more for you.

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          My dear Kathy, I hope I am not out of line in suggesting this, but there are some things we can not cope with alone. If you have gone through your savings, you must reach out for help with this.

          I did a quick search on compulsive shopping and it is linked to many things such as depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

          It is recommended that spending addicts seek professional counseling or a self-help group to deal with this problem. This quote came from this site http://www.indiana.edu/~engs/hints/shop.html which has several links to a starting point to getting help.

          Please, please, search out a group in your local area or go talk to a minister or someone in healthcare who can provide you with contacts. I have dealt with depression and anxiety, it just came out in a different form than yours. There is help out there and I will be praying with all my heart that you will be able to access it.

          Take care, and let us know how you are doing.


          Believe it or not, My girlfriend is on Topamax to curb her compulsive obsessive buying habits. For her it was magazines and candy. There is help out there. For most of us, we kid about our buying habits. All I have to do is look around in my scrap room to remind me that I have enough. But sometimes,you get a little creative spark or inspiration from something, and your buying again. I have leaed to stop buying paper. UNLESS it is a to die for collection. I have not seen one of those come out in quite some time. For me anyway.
          So Kathy, you are not alone, but may need more help than most, so I suggest you seek professional help if you truly went through your savings on scrappy stuff. Linda is right, just talking to someone may help.
          I will pray that you are able to break this habit of scrappy spending quickly and easily. ((((hugs))))


          Kathi try…instead of going shopping sit down and use what you bought. I know easier said than done but I have read where it takes the body 21 days to lea a new habit. I know this because I did with quitting smoking. There is a way to tell the brain to stop. Plus then we would be able to see all the beautiful creations you will be making!!!
          Sending prayers your way!

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            Prayers to you Kathy and agree with the above. I myself think I need to put a cap on all scrappy goodness except my kit and adhesive for X amount of time. I haven't done it yet but am thinking to do this. I have more than enough projects to keep me busy. Do talk to someone though, I don't want you to get into a hole tough to climb out of….prayers and hugs.


            I agree with everyone else's thoughtful suggestions and will add you to my prayer lis, that you are able to curb your spending and calm yourself and further, that you will be able to create beautiful things with what you currently have. xoxo


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              I agree with everyone and it would not hurt to get a good therapist to help you. I am in the same boat and will be starting therapy as soon as I can get an appointment. Like any addiction. There is an underlying issue I will need to deal with. Until then I am concentrating on organizing and rediscovering the goodies I already have. My Kits are still coming but cutting back on extras for awhile. Also have a ton of items I amsending to a consignment shop.


              I have stopped buying for certain amounts of time in the past.

              If you are aware that buying is part of a manic state, you should go to a doctor. Neither manic nor depressed is a good way to be.



              Kathy….see…you are NOT alone! I used to read the posts and have to have whatever everyone else had. Then, I retired from work, Holly started college again, and I HAD to stop some of my spending. It really depressed me for awhile, but I am surviving. I used to be a QVC junkie too….now I NEVER watch QVC on TV. I haven't bought anything in 2 years….If I don't see what's out there, I don't want it. Maybe it would help to change what sites you are visiting on the inteet…..don't look at what new things are being offered that make you want to buy.
              Praying for your peace of mind…Let us know how you are doing….


              Kathy, I agree with all what is said above. I'll keep you in my prayers!!


              Thank you all for your suggestions and wonderful ideas. I really appreciate it.

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                You are in my prayers. I know that I can go through the i have to have everything mode but usually i can put a stop on it for periods of time


                Kathy here's a suggestion – use your inteet surfing time to find scrappy challenges to enter and that will make you use your existing stash and then most of them have prizes so… I'm sure you'll win a few in the process — and get to feel that reward high when the prize arrives it the mail. Just a thought.

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