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    I don't know if any SwirlySistah is like me…probably not….but I have trouble using all my kits during the release month. Then, I forget what wonderful SwirlyGoodness is in the kit. Soooooo…

    I got out my Clip-Up that was on a shelf gathering dust and cleared a space on my scrapy table. Then, I went through the storage boxes that I put each monthly kit in. I taped the Newsletter that comes with each kit in the lid of the plastic container. Then, I made sticky labels with the Month, year and Name of Kit. I attached the sticky label to all the embellies, flowers, jewels, etc. that would fit on the Clip It Up and hung each little package on the Clip Up. The longer embellies I left with the PP and the cardstock in the plastic storage container. Now, I can see all the embellies that go with a kit on the tu around Clip It…and I can either use it with the kit of the month or use it with something else I'm doing at the moment.
    I have lots of embellies that I can see, feel and drool over….and use them if I decide to quit hording them. Tee-hee!


    OMG! You just wouldn't believe how much Swirly Goodness I have been hoarding! It's Christmas all over again!!!!


    Debbie, That's a fantastic idea! I love it! I've been keeping my kits in one of those clear plastic 12×12 envelopes, everything fits in them except of course, the liquid pearls and the other tools we receive in our kits. But, you've given me something to think about so that I can see EVERYTHING, as I just love looking at all that swirly good stuff. Can you take a pic of what you've done so that I and others can get a visual…you know how visual we are. 🙂

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      I always have bits and pieces left over…not much though. I am trying to get my room organised it is a bit of a disaster in there!!!!! lol ya give us apic we want the visual 🙂


      It's almost 1 a.m. and I've finally got everything labeled and in it's place. WOW! I have tons of new stuff to work with. It's truly amazing how much lovely SwirlyGoodness I have saved because I couldn't bear to use it.
      Hello. My name is Debbie, and I'm a hoarder. I have an empty seat right next to me….any takers? !amazed

      I'll take a pic as soon as I clean off my scrappy table…it's a mess right now.


      I really need you girls to come and organize my house! I have stuff in every room…no LOL. I bought a bunch of kits at the Thanksgiving sale….and then again at the Christmas sale. I have painting stuff….everywhere. I am tooooo overwhelmed with getting it all organized! I will start to try and put something away…and I will start playing with it…and forget what my task was!

      So Debbie…hop in that sweet ride of yours…and get to my house. Pick up Joyce on the way….I remember she has that organization thingy going.

      MY name is Heather and I am a Collector of fine items….I mean ….HOARDER. I Hoard enough that I have to use at least 3 seats myself…LOL

      You girls are sooo fun!


      My name is Kathi and I am a hoarder of almost everything scrappy…so make room for one more at the table. Mine is at least organized…hehe


      If I had room for a Clip-it Up i would have one, but alas the is no coer in my room or table top where one will fit!!!


      great idea, Debbie! I am like some of the other girls, I may start organizing but then I just end up scrapping instead.


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        Debbie, that is a great idea, tfs.


        Ok, Sister Hoarders. Here is the pic of my new/old organizational tool. I'm ashamed that I have so much Goodness that I haven't used. I'm tuing over a new leaf and I'm USING EVERYTHING!!!



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          Why Debbie, you little (w)hoarder, you!!!!! :p
          Love the bits of ribbon on top!!!!


          Why Debbie, you little (w)hoarder, you!!!!! :p
          Love the bits of ribbon on top!!!!



          Debbie, that looks very organized!


          If my husband can ever get my clip it up done, I could see half the stuff I have!!! Especially flowers!! I have tons…

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