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    Hi, twice a year I host a retreat for 12 of my friends. I always give them some gift that makes them think outside of the box. This time I want to give out paper packets, however I need some more ideas. Keep in mind that some of these ladies never knew how to use a brad until a year ago, stickers and rounding their photos was the extent of their pages. Here is what I have come up with so far…cork sheets by KF, canvas sheets, mulberry paper, velum, tissue paper and burlap. I love the burlap that I had gotten a few months ago in a kit, but I'm not sure if all burlap is safe. Anyone know? So, any other great ideas that you can come up with? Thank you in advance for your help.


    Ohhh I love those textures, can I come play? How about wide lace, twine, screen mesh/wire and yes burlap is safe to my knowledge. HAVE FUN!!!


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      That does sound yummy!! I really loved that burlap too and the tissue paper is so much fun and really versatile. You can stamp on it, make it look like leather, make it look like silk paper, use it to fluff up your flowers…I could go on. 🙂


      Throw in some paper doilies!!!


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        I love all of these!!! My suggestion is to visit the jewelry section of your local chain and look for beads, charms, and such. Also, dress pattes. I love the color and I love the markings. If you get them from the bargain bin, they're dirt cheap.

        BTW, when you ask about the burlap, did you mean archival safe? I never use an original photograph, so I never think about it; I use a lot of the Home Depot stuff as well as the Canvas Corp, depending on how tight the weave… But if your guests do use originals, you may want to stick with the stuff made for crafts.


        I knew that I could count on you ladies to give me some great ideas. Now it's time to start gathering. I will include idea sheets.

      Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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