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    I know this does not make sense but I am sad that our members are getting chosen to be DD on other websites. It seems like we have lost so many of our leaders in the last six months as DDs elsewhere. I guess I am being selfish because I miss seeing their work and miss seeing them around. I guess I just need to bookmark wyhere they do and follow that website. I did that last night and found the Flying ???? and loved looking at their website. I get confused where to order things. I want to support Swirlydoos but what if I want to order something that another site has that I really like. Any ideas?


    I hope this came across OK but I was heavily medicated when I wrote it from my teeth being pulled. I am happy for our members that get DD spots on other website and they certainly are talented and deserve them. BUT I still miss them because they are not around as much. I miss seeing Jenabler, Maggie, Sonjia and and and. Well I guess i will just have to check them out on their sites.


    Kathy, we miss them to!! Swirlydoos has been the launching pad for many designers. That is a very nice compliment to us here. Yes, we wish we could keep everyone, but as designers grow their wings, they opt to see the world!! It's OK. We can always visit them at their blogs. Some times, we find ourselves working together again. Like Robin Shakoor was a Design Team member here at one time, now Robin and I are working together again at ZVA Creative!! It is also good business when team members work on manufacturers DT's because we bring business back to our homes. For me that is Swirlydoos.
    As far as shopping at other stores, Always check Swirlydoos store for things you may want because the added bonus is if its not to much, you can add it to your kits and save on shipping. If Swirlydoos doesn't carry something you may want, ask Krissy if she will be stocking it in the future. If not, nothing says you cant shop at any other store. I frequently shop at BlueMoon Scrapbooking and Scrapbook Alley. Only when they are having sales or specials. We only ask that you do not promote other scrapbook kit stores here. We would rather you drive the business toward our store. Make sense?? Krissy always has great things in the store. Go check it out!!


    Makes lost of sense. As Krissy can verify I spend a lot of money in the store (too much). I consider Swirlydoos my home also and want Krissy to keep it going so anxious to support her. It is the best club out there and grateful to be part of it. Leaing so much.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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