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    Hello ladies. I hope you are having a fabulous day. I have a few questions for you. I love mini albums however you ladies have so inspired me to create 12×12 layouts. Your work really is amazing. I wanted to find out are you creating 12×12 layouts or another size? How do you store your layouts? I am getting some binder ring albums. Do you do one event for an album such as Christmas 2010 and summer 2010 goes in another album? Would you keep both events in the same album? DO you store the layouts in order Jan-Dec? Finally how do you put them in an album? Do you create the layout, take the photo and finally punch the holes and put them in the album? I know I know a lot of questions but I need the help. It is so appreciated. Hugs Tracy


    It all depends on how you scrap. I've only been scrapping for 2 yrs now, and my kids are young adults. I don't scrap in chronological order, so I just store them in the order I scrap my photos, no matter who they are of, or the content, and I rarely ever do a 2 page layout. Right now I am out of albums, so I am storing them in pizza boxes [new ones].

    I am sure the others will have some different thoughts for you!


    ok now I know that I may get a few or most of you will say use the page protectors. Ok if you put a layout in a protector and it is a bulky layout filled with beautiful prima flowers and embellies do you put 2 layouts back to back in a page protector or just one. HHHHMMMMM maybe that is why most of you do one page layouts and not 2? Now you got me thinking. Hugs Tracy


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      My pages are too puffy to fit properly in an album. Actually I can get about 8 to an album. Right now I have been putting them in clear plastic storage boxes I bought at Micheal's.

      I've never done a 2-pager and I don't scrap chronologically either.


      I think most of us use the D ring scrapbook albums. I use page protectors they fit just fine and the holes are already in the protector. I only put one page in each protector. You can fit alot in a D ring. Not so many in the post bound. I don't scrap in any kind of order but I do keep albums for each of my kids. I try to arrange them based on their age with younger years being in the front. But each album is like that. I don't have albums just of baby lo's etc.


      Yep, I use D ring binders. I pretty much throw them in as I do them. No order. I am usually able to put los back-to-back. Sometimes it is snug, but I can typically get them in there.

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        Storage bins for me.

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        i cut my pages down about an eighth of an inch all around to accomodate getting them in page protectors. i would never punch holes in them to get them in a binder, with my luck, i'd end up putting holes in people's faces or something 🙂


        D ring binders and the really bulky ones I frame and hang–luckily I have a lot of wall space


        Most of my pages are stored in storage containers. I have some in a binder. I use page protectors, 1 per page. No real order either, one day in a land far far away, I'd like to organize them all:)


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          D-ring binders for me. If the layouts are relatively flat, I'll do 2 to a page. Otherwise, I just put in one with some plain cardstock in the back to hide wires and brads and other uglies.
          I also do what Shell does and cut about 1/8 off the top and 1 side before I start. That little bit is enough to make the bulkiest layout fit into the page protector.
          I don't really scrap in any order, so my albums are sort of messy. I have them more or less separated by subject in order of completion.


          Thank you so much. I like the tip about cutting down the paper just a little bit to make 2 fit in a page protector. You ladies are amazing. I love the layouts and the help you gave me. Hugs Tracy


          D ring binders and the really bulky ones I frame and hang–luckily I have a lot of wall space

          What kind of frames to you use and where do you get them?


          D ring binders and the really bulky ones I frame and hang–luckily I have a lot of wall space

          What kind of frames to you use and where do you get them?

          12 x 12 shadowbox frames from Target-ther REstyle brand. Just about $10 for the frame and the layouts look really good in them. I've bought the shadowbox frames from several places and these by far are the best


          GREAT tip on the target shadow boxes, i'll have to keep my eyes open for those!

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