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    I have spent the last two days looking for a patte or directions to make a Sunflower. ANYONE THAT CAN Help me find directons for thje sunflower will help me be able to post my first ATC (actually post my first anything/ I can't believe how long this little thing has taken. At the length of time I have spent I think I could have knitted a sweater.

    I will also need help in how to post things in the Gallery. I write down the directions people give me. Thanks for all your help. This is such a nice group of people who are not just selfishly working on their own stuff.l


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      Kathy, you might want to ask about the Sunflowers in the General Stuff thread. Everyone may not look at the posts here. 🙂

      For the gallery:
      You need to re-size your photo so that it is no bigger than 600 on the largest side.

      Then, log into the gallery, choose upload, choose the album you want to put it in and the browse for your photo. Name it, give it a description and you are all set. HTH 🙂


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        Kathy, what Lisa said about the general thread. Meantime, I'm happy that you're giving this challenge a try; I can't wait to see your ATC!!!!


        hopefully you will see it. I cAn't BELIEVE how much time I have spent on this little thing. The second one is suppose to be comic but I don't know it is not tuing out like I want. We''ll see. Thanks for the encouragement. My scrap room is almost clean and almost everything is put away. I already have too much stuff and listening to other women I gotta have what you all want. GRRR I have to stop that.

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