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    The work is over for this week. YAY!!!
    And we don't have any plans for the weekend. That means a bit of scappy time for me.

    What are you up to this weekend?


    Tomorrow we are going to do a little country antique shopping/hunting for our house. That kind of shopping beckons me as much as scrappy stuff does. Then out to dinner.
    Sunday my little one has a birthday party to attend. Then I am hoping to get to the gym.

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      I hope to get some scrappy stuff done too 🙂 and maybe a bit of shopping


      Have FUN Lisa!! We have a Birthday party tonite for my sweet little cousin:) and Cassie's Birthday is tomorrow! I'm going to break into my Jan. kit today:)



      I have to work tomorrow, then nothing is planned. I have Monday off, so Kel and I will prob go out during the day if it is nice.


      Kids were home for 4 days a from snow, 2 hour delay (so a 5 hour school day) and then off for 3 days.
      We have soccer all weekend, both indoor and out. Yippee


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        Well, it's a three day weekend here! I am hoping to get a lot of scrapping time in. I'm kicking off the weekend by going to a scrap class tonight, and I am really excited about it! Yesterday, I got an email from my lss saying that there was a surprise class on Friday, and I went down there to check out the sample last night to see if I liked it. It's a mini accordian album, and the instructor is a man from Rusty Pickle. It looks pretty cool from the pictures.
        I hope to work on the challenges this weekend, but I am also working on a mini album to teach a class on, so we'll see.


        DH is not feeling well, so we probably won't get to keep our date this weekend. !sad ( I hope I don't get the cough he has!) Anyway, looks like maybe some scrappy time for me! Yay! I love playing in my scraproom and listening to the Golden Oldies! 🙂


        Work tonight and Monday night but hope to scrap some in between. Trying to finish all my schoolwork now so I can play. Have fun, everyone!


        Supposed to go to a an oveight jammies party with a bunch of gals. we shall see if I stay oveight or drive home in my slippers and jammies.

        Other than that – I have nothing planned and love weekends like that.


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          Jen, that sounds fun! Have a great time!


          that sounds like fun Jen!!!


          have a retirement party for a co-worker/wife of a judge, tomorrow mo my dh will be taking my ds out for their saturday moing breakfast with my dd and db (the boys breakfast club, or the BBC).
          after that i get to meet my cousin's new baby, bo Jan 5.
          other than that, an easy weekend, hopefully some time to work on my RR LO.


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            I will be at work! blah!! I know that this is Friday for most of the world, but for me it's Monday!!! My Friday is on Tuesday!! Have fun everyone!! Jen, sounds like fun! Can't wait for camp when we will have one BIG pajama party!!!


            Got my shopping done this afteoon, and I'm hoping to get a lot of scrapping done. Seems like I play with Photoshop and am not scrapping any…..gotta do better…..
            Have fun gals! I'd love to have a jamma party with Jen….sound fun!

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