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    This trial is right here in my town! The FLDS compound is about 45 miles from San Angelo. We've made the big time with this terrible man coming here to stand trail.

    One of my teacher friends was working a Sexual Abuse hotline several years ago, and she is the one who got the phone call from the minor child who was being sexually abused and called for help. That is when the State of Texas raided the cult camp and took all those women and children out.
    Those women are not truly married according to the law, and they are on Food Stamps, medicade and every other money making program that they can milk money from. Millions and millions of dollars are being bilked from the State of Texas right now….They are a smart but evil bunch of men that are running this show. They drive around in brand new BIG pickups to collect their Welfare payments. It really is a scam….They have a creamatorium on their property and no deaths are ever reported….I guess they just bu the bodies, and no one knows what the cause of death might be???
    I'll bet they are buing up….I don't think there are air conditioners for the women and children. I hope they throw the book at that pervert…..



    Do you think there will be a lot of media attention? I haven't seen much. Hopefully they will be able to deal with him and get him away from all those girls.


    The trial is being covered on In Session on Tru TV. Of course, we have lots of media attention here. Dr. Drew on HLN had an entire show on the trial last night which was very informative….and just made me even madder. They are calling for the women to be filed on as well as the men since they are giving their daughters to these perverts. I guess emotions are running high here because it's happening in our own backyard
    I would love to attend the trial and see for myself what's up, but I'm scrapping right now! LOL!


    Debbie – bunch of sick people for sure.

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