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    The badge says: We love differens Why, I can´t understand, why must some people see and hate people from other countrys? We all live on the same small planet!! Why can´t we care and welcome each other? Why does some people decide who shall live or die? I don´t understand!! Really, I don´t understand!?Why?

    This time it happends in Norway, next time somewhere else……*sigh*

    84 young kids…13 year and up….84…so far…..7 people in Oslo…many injured…



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      I'm with you Jannike. I actually had tears running down my cheeks because I think we all know how you feel. Seeing what happened in the news brought back so many vivid memories of watching the the Twin Towers collapse.

      I was so shocked and heartbroken when I heard about the gunman at the Youth Camp. I just kept asking why and what do they think they are accomplishing? Somewhere in their twisted and sick minds they think this will make people stop but it does the opposite. It incites people, makes them angry and then you find your country at war for years. It is all terribly scary and painfully sad.

      I'm heading out for a trip at the end of August and I'll be honest, I'm nervous. With so many reports about things that terrorists want to target and how they want things to happen around the 10th anniversary of 9/11; it has me second guessing if the trip is the right idea….especially considering where I'm going and how I'm getting there. But, everyone tells me that we can't live in fear and must carry on with our lives. It's very hard to do so when you witness such horrific things.

      My heart goes out to the people of Norway. It was a senseless act, and a cowardly one as well. Big Hugs!!!!!!


      We watch yet another horror unfold on in our news medias.I am sure that I speak for so many over here in the UK. How sorry we are about for the awful tradgedy that has just happened in Norway.Jannike I don't normally respond to threads; just read them. I want you to know my thoughts are with you and all the people over theer in Norway.


      Thank´s for your words! *hugs*
      It´s awful wherever this happens.
      I´m living in Sweden, but it´s just a few hours away and we speak almost the same language.
      We are two small countries and we have thight relations.

      Now they still looking for boodies and for a second shooter.


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        Jannike, my heart is breaking for the families of the victims and for all of you in Norway and neighboring countries. My moing newspaper says that this was all done by one person, a man with extremest views, I'll never understand how anyone can justify to themselves the killing of innocent people.

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          I just don't understand people that think violence is the answer to their problems


          Jannike…I'm so sadden by this news. It was such a horrible act. My heart goes out to all those families. I can never understand how anyone can justify killing innocent people, especially children.


          I am with you Regina…I never understand how anyone can hurt a child. I feel so bad for those families. My heart goes out to all of those people in Norway…


          It's so horrible and it seems like an unusual location and target. I am not understanding their message.
          Prayers to all those effected, directly and indirectly.

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            So, so sad! Sending lots of prayers and positive energy.


            This is sad.. Saw it on the net the other night and thought to my self why do people do these things? This is just horrible, prayers to all..


            It is sickening. I know that things like this that happen close to you are very scary. Just, random people who decide to slaughter. What a waste.

            My heart goes out to all of the families.


            Ditto. I try to understand WHY and the way they think but somethings just don't make sense.

            I have to be honest that I am nervous about 9-11 this year since it has been 10 years. When they found Ben Ladens stuff it mentioned attacks on 9-11.

            We need to continue for peace in our world.


            I am with you, Rosjen. Big hugs! Just how 1 crazy person, nurtured by hate and bad influence can create such disaster. Nobody can understand this


            Jannike, I pray for the people of Norway. Such a senseless act of a coward. The victims and their families are in my prayers as well as the brokenhearted people of Norway. When tragedy like this strikes, the whole world mous with you. They are not alone in their grief. Just so sad.

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