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February, 2015 Scrapbook Kit - Artful Blues

Swirlydoos scrapbook kit club - February, 2015 scrapbook kit of the month - Artful Blues

January, 2015 Scrapbook Kit - Bejeweled

Swirlydoos scrapbook kit club - January kit of the month - Bejeweled

December, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Enchanted Evening

Swirlydoos scrapbook kit club - December Kit of the Month - Enchanted Evening

November, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Beloved

Swirlydoos monthly scrapbook kits - Nov, 2014 scrapbook kit - Beloved

October, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Treasured Yesterdays

Swirlydoos scrapbook kit club - October, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Treasured Yesterdays

September, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Vintage Love

swirlydoos monthly scrapbook kit club, scrapbook kits, kit of the month

August, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Wistful Blues

scrapbook kit club, monthly scrapbook kits, kit of the month

July, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Celestial Summer

Scrapbook Kit club, monthly scrapbook kits, kit of the month

June, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Rose Bouquet

May, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Bohemian Spring

Swirlydoos Kit Club - May scrapbook kit - Bohemian Spring

April, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Tiffany's

Swirlydoos monthly scrapbook kit club - April Kit

March, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Salutations

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Swirlydoos scrapbook kit club - March, 2015 scrapbook Sketch Challenge

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Posted by pala
Pretty Paula! Love the Butterflies, Gorgeous East[more ...]
29 Mar : 16:53

Posted by pala
Back to painting my doors again today...I have dec[more ...]
29 Mar : 16:49

Posted by pala
Pretty Spring Sneak! Love the background!
29 Mar : 16:38

Posted by angelica
OMG!! Love it!!! Congrats, Steph!
29 Mar : 15:31

Posted by Jeanniev
I would really like to do the cottage and later in[more ...]
29 Mar : 15:24

Posted by Shannon
Same here... But some how it all works out. Sure i[more ...]
29 Mar : 14:00

Posted by Shannon
Love it! Great idea...
29 Mar : 13:31

Posted by Shannon
Great layout!
29 Mar : 13:28

Posted by Maja_Stokk
Here comes a sneak from me...
29 Mar : 10:29

Posted by Maja_Stokk
I´d like the garden tools... week 3 or 4 =)
29 Mar : 08:59

Posted by dbott
Linda hope you feel better soon, I have RA so I un[more ...]
29 Mar : 03:40

Posted by pala
Paula...I wish you and your Hubby were here...they[more ...]
29 Mar : 03:35

Posted by dbott
Love your project and your table is beautiful
29 Mar : 03:05

Posted by luv46kdz
Wow Donna! Well worth the wait :D
29 Mar : 02:26

Posted by luv46kdz
Aw Barb. Dust and little nits are a real psin ehen[more ...]
29 Mar : 02:23

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Swirlydoos Ultimate Design Challenge - Scrapbook Contest


Swirlydoos Ultimate Design Challenge Scrapbook Contest

See below for closeups of this awesome prize! 

Ultimate Design Challenge – Rules 

  • This is a multi-week scrapbooking technique based challenge contest. You must pre-register for the contest by January 10th, 2013. To pre-register please email the following information to

*First & Last Name

*Email address

*Mailing Address (international contestants are welcome!)

*Telephone Number

*Your screen name/login name on the Swirlydoos website

*Your screen name/login name on the Swirlydoos gallery

  • There will be no late registrations/entries allowed

  • Your assignments will be posted on Mondays by noon MST, and are due by Midnight MST the following Saturday night. Your completed projects must be uploaded into the appropriate contest gallery within the Swirlydoos gallery ( Unfortunately if your project is not uploaded by the posted deadline your project will be disqualified from that week’s challenge and you will not be able to move forward in the Ultimate Design Challenge for 2013.

****NOTE**** We STRONGLY encourage you to post your completed projects in all other major online scrapbook galleries you may be a member of. Be sure to title your project as ***Swirlydoos Kit Club, Ultimate Designer Challenge. Week __*** We will be on the lookout for these entries and will be pulling some random winners for small RAKS throughout the duration of the contest! Be sure to check the Ultimate Designer threads on the Swirlydoos Forums to see if you’re a winner!

  • Your posted project must incorporate that week’s specified technique. You do not need to do exactly what your super talented instructors have done. Show us what YOU can do with the technique shown (we’re looking for hidden talents my dears!) You may upload only ONE project per assignment so make sure you show us your very best work!

  • The Swirlydoos Design & Education Teams have been given the icky job of judging all of the entries. They will painstakingly go through each and every project turned in and will ultimately decide which contestants will move forward into the next round of challenges, and which contestants will not. We will post the list of contestants who are moving forward in the Ultimate Designer area of our forum on the Sunday before the next week’s assignments are posted. After the final technique challenge has been issued, the entire Swirlydoos team will knock our heads together to TRY to choose the 2013 Ultimate Design Challenge Winner (omg we know this is going to be soooooo hard!!!) The Ultimate Design Challenge winner shall receive the crazy big prize package valued at over $400.00, and they may also win a spot on the Swirlydoos Design Team!

****NOTE**** If you do NOT move forward into the next round of challenges, you can still play along with us and be eligible for RAKS for the duration of the contest! Simply complete the projects and assignments, and upload them into your SB.C or 2 Peas gallery with the title of your project reading as follows: ***Swirlydoos Kit Club, Ultimate Designer Challenge. Week __***

We invite you to join us in our forums where you can hang out with Swirlydoos members, subscribers and designers! There is a forum specific to this contest where you can chat with and encourage other contestants as well as talk with your instructors about the challenges issued. We hope to see you there so we can get to know you all better!

Swirlydoos Ultimate Design Challenge - Scrapbook Contest

Swirlydoos Ultimate Design Challenge - Scrapbook Contest

Swirlydoos Ultimate Design Challenge - Scrapbook Contest

Swirlydoos Ultimate Design Challenge - Scrapbook Contest

Swirlydoos Ultimate Design Challenge - Scrapbook Contest