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August, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Wistful Blues

scrapbook kit club, monthly scrapbook kits, kit of the month

July, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Celestial Summer

Scrapbook Kit club, monthly scrapbook kits, kit of the month

June, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Rose Bouquet

May, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Bohemian Spring

Swirlydoos Kit Club - May scrapbook kit - Bohemian Spring

April, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Tiffany's

Swirlydoos monthly scrapbook kit club - April Kit

March, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Salutations

February, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Lady Belle

Swirlydoos Scrapbook Kit Club - Feb. 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Lady Belle

January, 2014 Scrapbook Kit - Shabby Chalet

swirlydoos scrapbook kit club, monthly scrapbook kits

 December, 2013 Scrapbook Kit - Joyeux Noel

Swirlydoos scrapbook kit club, monthly scrapbook kits

November, 2013 Scrapbook Kit - Autumn Rose

October, 2013 Scrapbook Kit - Sweetest Thing

Swirlydoos kit of the month

September, 2013 Scrapbook Kit - Gilted Pleasure

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