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I just joined your club and got my January and February kits in the mail today.  I have to say . . . I AM OVERWHELMED!  These kits are STUNNING and I could not be more pleased!  I am soooooo busy these days and (sadly) have limited free time, but I cannot WAIT to go and play with them!! You have a VERY SATISIED (DELIGHTED, actually!) new customer!!! I look forward to the months ahead to see what wonderful things you will be sending to me next! Thank you so much!!!

Loa B.


I just received my first kit and I must tell you I am drooling. These papers are more beautiful than I could have imagined. The flowers are stunning. Just had to let you know. Thank you soooo much.  Am going to love making the decision to join.

Shirley S


I did want to let you know how much I have enjoyed my time here and hope to be able to continue for a loooonnnng time. It is the main highlight of my month, week, days. Its the time I can lose myself and block everything out, and looking so forward to add on peeks and reveals for the next month and stalking the forum for the 1st CNS shout out and then the arrival of my kit and and then reveal day and bloghop (which were all 1st times for me when I joined) & the daily forum chats and inspiration and in the galleries and I live on youtube and pininterest watching tutorials. Swirlydoos is a one of a kind family and Im so thankful to be a part of it.

Debbie G 

I am not quite sure who puts the kits together but they are absolutely amazing in value and I CANNOT believe the amount of product that is in there. We are talking about FULL packs of everything and not just one Prima flower etc etc. I received my Feb kit in the last day of Jan..would you believe I have only just opened it due to some illness and all that comes with raising a family! And I jumped on the computer right away because I think you need to hear how much the kits are appreciated as is your hard work. Ijust kept on taking things out and couldnt believe how much was in there…This month I also got the flower pack and everything is so well co ordinated I CANNOT Wait to use it!

I did the math and in Aus this kit would cost about 40% more. SO…I cant believe its cheaper to get it directly from the US…

Nadia Cannizzo

I love Swirlydoos kits. The papers are perfectly coordinated and the embellishments are to die for! Everything in the kit is something I would have bought for myself! Swirlydoos is like having a personal scrappy shopper!!!!

Lisa V. 

I have been a Swirlydoos subscriber since July, 2009 and I have been very happy with the kits but the best thing about Swirlydoos is the customer service. You email Krissy and she always gets right back to you! I think that says volumes for Swirlydoos!!

Donna S.  

Swirlydoos is so much more than just a kit club. Not only do they have the bestest and newest scrappy stuff, that goes without saying, but the Swirlydoos forum is also a great place to hang out. A place to meet friends and where you can share, lea, teach, listen, support, encourage, challenge, laugh, sometimes cry, show, tell each other about scrapping and other important things in life.

Bonnie W. 

Before I found Swirlydoos I was constantly shopping here, there, and everywhere looking for everything under the sun to try and finish one layout. Ever since I joined Swirlydoos I have had no need to look anywhere else. Everything is provided and more!! Swirlydoos is literally my personal shopper for scrapbooking and I just get to sit back, relax, and wait for my kit to arrive every month!!

Mandy H. 

When I decided to even consider a kit club I looked at several, and nothing grabbed me until I found Swirlydoos. The kits are truly spectacular, they are beautiful and well priced. They often contain items I didn’t know I had to have until they arrived at my door in that wonderful package of goodness. In addition to the kits, the forum is like family to me. The tutorials, the information, the camaraderie is like nothing else out there.

Shelly M. 

I have been a member of several different clubs. When I found Swirlydoos I dropped them all. In one place I have been able to find everything I am looking for and even stuff I didn’t know I was looking for but now mooost have. The quality and quantity of what comes in your kits is well worth the money.

Christy B. 

The only regret I’ve ever had about Swirlydoos is that I didn’t sign up from the very first kit!!! I joined up on the third…. and have never been disappointed!!! The kits are beautiful, and beautifully matched!!! And the customer service is really unmatched anywhere!!! But Swirlydoos is much more than a place to get my scrappy supplies, I’ve found wonderful friends here, friends that I consider family!!! The community is so friendly and helpful and caring!!! It’s my first stop every moing and I have spent many, many wonderful hours here ‘talking’ and ‘hanging out’. Swirlydoos will always have my love and loyalty!!!

Meg M. 

OK so I was not looking for a kit club! I have just started scrapping..a novice but I noticed when scanning the gallery of another site that all the pages had these swirly things on them (flourishes). Not knowing what to call them I searched swirly things and voila up pop Swirlydoos. Like magic I found answers to questions I didn’t even know I had! I am not joining a club I screamed inside and I held out for two months..what a mistake! Now I can’t wait to see what Krissy will come up with each month! This is a place I visit not once or twice a day but constantly just so I don’t miss anything! Life is too short to have regrets give Swirlydoos a try!

Susan L. 

At first glance the price of the kit may catch your eye. In a time when money is tighter, you have got to sit and ask how much you are honestly spending at the local stores each month buying a mish mash of uncoordinated supplies.
I was spending far more than the price of the basic kit plus add-ons. “I like this, I like that, oh that’s pretty”, and in the cart it would go. But I’d get home and nothing matched. Back to the store because my LO is still missing something. Those trips all added up. You know what I am talking about, right? Well, I found the kit actually tends to save money in supplies and shopping trips. It’s chock full of top brand embellishments, trim, patteed paper, gorgeous flowers even without buying the add-ons. Now if your budget can handle the add-ons, well, be ready for the extra amazing scrapping experience each month. Krissy carefully selects each piece of her monthly kit with care and extraordinary taste. Krissy also gives us the opportunity to provide suggestions as to what we would like to see in future kits. Being a part of this club has absolutely refined my style of scrapping and has expanded my knowledge of technique and product. I am beyond happy and look forward to the box of goodies that arrives at my door each month. The world stands still but for just a moment (ok, dinner has been known to scorch a bit) as I open my kit and look at the wonderful product packaged for me.

Jennifer S. 

I found Swirlydoos sort of by accident! I do believe it was one of Robin’s los I saw on sb.com and I checked it out and got a kit just to try it (this was back when you could actually get a kit without subbing! Then I got the next months and then I subbed. I found out, though, through posting on the forums that not only are the kits super gorgeous and chocked full of items I love, but that I had found a home! A club that welcomed new people and their silly questions, with designers who cared! I subscribed and never regretted it! I have never been disappointed with a kit and never have felt less than love from my Swirly Savage Sisters! It truly is more than just a way to get the latest scrapbook items, it is a chance to expand your creativity, get advice form the BEST scrappers out there and make friends for a lifetime!

Manda K. 

I’ve been a Swirly subscriber from the beginning, back when I was getting my feet wet and struggling to get beyond matting and buttons. The kits themselves are so perfectly coordinated with paper (usually more than one brand) and embellies, along with inks and such and an original sketch from the marvelous Beggahuna that ideas pop into my head immediately as I’m examining (and, yes, petting) each new kit. But that’s not all: Krissy makes sure that Swirlydoos members are challenged with new techniques and projects every month, ensuring that our excitement with scrapping never wanes. And then there’s the Swirlydoos forum, filled with tips, techniques, tutorials by the best scrappers around and, best of all, the Swirly Sisters, a most supportive group of ladies. We not only discuss our addiction, but our lives, good and bad and offer encouragement, shoulders, and WTG’s!!!! Add to this Krissy’s sense of customer service. It’s one thing to make sure that all orders are completed and shipped on time; we expect that from any retailer. But Krissy goes extra miles and miles, listening to her subscribers’ suggestions and requests and doing her best to see that we’re supplied with all of our moost haves!!!!!

Peggy G. 

SwirlyDoos is not just a kit club. It’s a family of Sisters that honestly care about each other. It’s a world wide Sisterhood of ladies who are generous with their ideas and support. I have leaed more in the past 10 months here than I leaed in the past 10 years without SwirlyDoos. Besides….the kits are fabulous and beyond compare. Krissy is current on all the new techniques, papers and embellies. We get it first here….and we love it! We are spoiled beyond belief. I may do without a new outfit or shoes, but I won’t be without my next Swirly kit!!!

Deb Y. 

The kits are always gorgeous! Everything coordinates so well together and I can’t live without all the drool-worthy add ons 🙂 Krissy is amazing at always picking the best of whatever is new (or soon to be) on the market. I rarely need to go get supplies anymore. Whenever I see something coming out that I like, Krissy always seems to have something in the works that include it. Also, whenever there is something really fun out there that it is hard to get your hands-on (e.g., Dusty Attic), Krissy hooks us up with special orders!!! Best kit club out there! Then you add to all of this the amazingly talented ladies that are always helping us out with new ideas and challenges. I love this place! I feel like it has also helped me grow considerably as a scrapbooker/mixed-media art player.

Amy K. 

Since discovering Swirlydoos, my life has changed. I’m no longer shopping for clothes, shoes and handbags preferring to spend my dollars on the beautiful monthly kits! Everything a scrappy girl could want (and didn’t know she wanted) are in those beautiful kits! The newest release of papers, flowers and embellies. My LSS doesn’t hold a candle to what Swirlydoos can offer me. Krissy and company have become my online family. Being so much more than a scrap site! A kind, generous, supportive group of ladies who have helped me take my scrapping to the next level! Couldn’t live without it!!!!!

Lisa N. 

When I joined Swirlydoos, I thought I was just joining a kit club. What I found was a community of sharing and inclusion. They made me feel at home. As far as the kits go, I feel like they are put together just for me. I’m a scrapper with no children, and some of the other kit clubs that I have seen are geared to scrappers with children. Krissy puts kits and add-ons together that can be used for any subject. Her customer service is unparalleled. Krissy asks for input on upcoming kits from subscribers as well things we’d like to see in the store. Krissy listens to everything we have to say good or bad and will even do special orders. Swirlydoos isn’t a kit club, it truly is a family.

Kim H. 

I just want Krissy to know how much I appreciate and love all the new goodies that she picks out for us. I would NEVER find all the wondrous things that she gets and stuffs into those boxes each month. My box is always sooooo full of wonderful goodies every month!!! My kit was so heavy this month….I knew it would going to be great…and it was!I am really marveling about how she finds all the new stuff for us???? She must NEVER sleep!!! Thanks, oh Marvelous Leader of the Swirly Savages. You are Awesome!!!

Debbie Y. 

Can I just say that Swirlydoos is the fastest and most efficient kit club I have even had the pleasure of being a member of? I live in Sydney Australia and the January kit arrived TODAY!! Yep…today 30/12/2010! Just before the holiday weekend …It arrived here in about a week…and we had Christmas in between.. WOW! VEry very happy…all the other American kits I subscribe to, normaly take between 2-3 weeks to arrive here. Meaning I dont get them till middle or end of the month and when I want to join in some challenges using the kit I hardly have any time. SO VERY VERY happy!

Nadia C.