Treasure Box Tutorial

Treasure Box Tutorial

A photo tutorial by: Lisa Gregory












1. Ten Second Studios Metal sheet, color of your choice
2. Paper Stump
3. Paper eraser/refiner
(Sanding block)
5. Scissors (not your good ones) or craft knife
6. Molds (Kabuka, Big Daddy, Big Mama, Mini Molds or Strip Molds)
7. Box or Tin of your choice
8. Adhesive, double sided tape or TSS Humongo Killer Tape(best), I used my ATG   
    gun for this tutorial
Optional Supplies
1. Alcohol ink if you are using the metal side of the sheets. Alcohol ink will 
    remove paint off of painted side.
2. Acrylic paint to cover any open areas (edges)of you box for a neater finish.
3. Beads and jump rings. 
4. Acrylic jewels or pearls






Step 1

Cut Metal paper to the size of the cover (top) of your box or tin.
Cut strips the width of your sides. It is OK if they are to long, you can wrap the strip around the coer of the box and just continue with another strip. 






Step 2

Place the Metal paper over your mold (color side up if you are going to sand, metal side up if you are going to use alcohol ink)and using your Paper Stump, rub into the paper and deep into the mold to bring out the image, dont worry to much about getting into the smaller nook and crannies, that will be in the next step. Make sure you get a good impression.







Step 3

Without moving your paper off of the mold, use your refining tool to outline the edges of the impression and get into the nooks and crannies and flatten metal in all of those small places. You should have a defined impression of your design.








Step 4 and 4a

When you are done with the impressions on all of your Metal paper, use your BURNISHING BLOCK (Sanding block), to rub over your design until you get the effect you want. Don't press ultra hard as you will flatten the raised design, but a fair amount of pressure will be sufficient to remove the paint from the raised part of your design. 






Step 5

Using adhesive, cover your box. I used my ATG gun that has 2 sided tape like a tape runner. If you are using Ten Seconds Studio Humongo Killer Tape, then adhere the tape to your Metal paper, and pull off the backing before placing it on your box or tin. This is the best method for adhering the paper. Regular 2 sided tape would also work.






Step 6

Adhere your Metal Paper to your box or Tin. If  you went end to end on edges you could use your paper stump and gently roll the paper around the edges for a fine seamless finish. If you have some white edges showing on your box, you could use acrylic paint to touch up the unfinished part. Silver paint would look great. 






Step 7

This is the finished product…I used my Cropodile and placed 5 holes on the front lid edge of my box and added jump rings and hung some really pretty beads. Now you are ready to ado your box as you wish. You could used acrylic jewels or Prima pearls and add to the design of your box. I am waiting for those VERY cool Tim Holtz feet thingies they are called Foundations and a Crystal Curio Knob to finish my box. Have fun…Go forth and ado!!!