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      Thank you girls for stepping up and allowing us to have another great year of challenges! This is the schedule for 2012. Please check in and let us know if any changes need to be made.

      2012 Hostesses:

      FEB – JOELLE
      MAR – KIM
      APR – APRIL
      JUN – JACKIE
      JUL – AMBER
      AUG – JAN
      SEP – PEGGY
      OCT – KATHY L
      NOV – ERICA
      DEC – CHERYL



      The RULZ:

      Not many rulz, really, just a few things to keep in mind:

      * Your challenge can be on anything you want

      * We would like you to use at least 50% Swirly stuff

      * If possible, please participate in the other challenges

      * If you have one, post it on your blog, invite others to join in

      * Keep tabs on your challenge through out your month

      * Have people post their layout on the challenge forum AND in the gallery. Have them use the month and title of the challenge in the title of their layout so everyone can find it for leaving comments and when it comes time for voting. (You can post all the layouts to your first post if you want to. Just find the layout in the forum, click on quote and copy and paste all the code for the layout.)

      * Provide a prize of your choosing (see below)

      * If you can't do your challenge, let me know ASAP! or sooner!!!

      * Have fun with it —RELAX!!!!

      *** Please post if participants can use their layout for more than your challenge. Some people like to do one layout and use it for other challenges too if the criteria fits. This decision is up to you as hostess. Please post it in your rulz

      The PRIZE:

      The prize you choose can be really anything you want. There is no specific dollar amount. You can send something from your stash, go buy something, send a gift cert for the store, or even make something yourself!! You could even have your prize have something to do with your challenge. Totally up to you! Prizes are fun, but not the reason we want people to do the challenges.! Prizes are the icing!!


      You can choose how you will determine the winner of your challenge, or even how many winners you will have!!! You can have people pm you with their votes for their top 3 or 5 or how every many, depending on no. of entries. You can pull a name out of a hat. You can use a random generator. Have your kid think of a number between 1 and…..whatever!!
      I think most prefer the voting method!!!

      I think that's it. All of you who have done this before: if I have left anything out, please feel free to jump in! And if anyone has any questions, jump in with them!!

      Can't wait to see what you all come up with for us!!! It's gonna be a fun year!!!

      Thanks again, you ALL rock!!!!

      Swirly Admin
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        I'm good to go for July. Thanks Robin!


        Checking in..looks good! Thanks Robin!


        Looks good!


        looks good to me!


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          Joelle and Jan are switching months. Joelle will be February and Jan will be August. 🙂


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            Who is supposed to be doing an SGC for April?


            Hmmm, doesn't seem to be anyone there, If a host is needed, I can do it.

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