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    I hope you have your December kit, because I have created a step-by-step layout for you all. This is the layout.


    Step 1: These are the papers we are going to start cutting into. The paper to the left will be the largest one. Just remove the manufacturer's strip. Then I made the green paper about a centimeter smaller and the paper to the right 2 centimeters smaller.


    Step 2: To save paper I cut out a square from the first two papers. We are going to use the squares later.


    Step 3: Distress the papers. I have used the multitool from Ingvild Bolme that was in a past kit. Glue the papers on top of each other.


    Step 4: Instead of inking the edges I used white paint, since it's a Christmas layout. The white makes the layout look a bit wintery.


    Step 5: Now we are going to use the squares. The music paper is going to right under the photo, so tear the paper to fit your photo, some of the paper is going to show of course. The striped paper need to be a bit larger to show behind the music sheet.


    Step 6: I am going to put the photo a bit to the left of the paper so tear down a bit on the paper on the right side and use some thread to sew it together. I have used white floss, but any thread or string will do.


    Step 7: Glue the papers onto the background papers and put the photo on top of all. I have used foam tape to make room for some decorations between the photo and the papers.


    Step 8: Create a banner like this. I have used different papers from the kit. The pieces are 10×4 cm and I have folded them with the silver string in between. I also distressed the pieces a bit to fit the style of the layout.


    Step 9: Attach the banner to the left of the photo. Put it on foam tape to make room for embellies undeeath the banner.


    Step 10: Time for flowers. In my opion you can NEVER use to many flowers. LOL I have used the ones in the main kit.


    And here are some closeups so that you can see how I've put the flowers.



    Step 11: Then I wanted to add some details. First the silver star from the kit.


    And one of the metal pieces.


    And a bow from the golden ribbon.


    And tags from my stash. If you don't have any tags, just use a piece of note book paper instead. Something needs to happen in the right coer.


    Step 12: Time for the title. I used the alpha from the kit and put my title on a ruler to be able to move it around to see where it fits. And here's where I put it.


    Step 13: Admire your newly created layout.


    I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!



    Swirly Scrapper
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      Amazing! I love how you tell us WHY! Great idea to put the title on the ruler to find the best spot- brilliant!!


      Beautiful! I love your work1


      Love it!


      Thanks so much for the tutorial, Camilla! I love this LO!


      Camilla, this one is a fave for me!! I will definitely do this step by step!! Thank you for all that you have done designing for Swirlydoos and inspiring the scrapping Savage in all of us!! xoxoxo


      Swirly Scrapper
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        Camilla, thanks so much for this tute!!!!! I do see a lift in the very near future!!!!! !heart


        Swirly Scrapper
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          Beautiful, Camilla! This is why I do, and will continue to, follow your blog.

          Thank you for sharing and all the best to you and yours for a joyful holiday season and all the best in 2012.


          Oh wow Camilla…. What an awesome page and wonderful instructions!!!!!


          Thank you, sweets! 🙂


          I love this layout and thank you so much for the instructions!

          Swirly Admin
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            Oh Camilla….this is oustanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know, I really really love the look of your banner!!!!! mat havce to try that!!! Thanks for your inspiration sweetie!!

            "Some cars look like they're going fast when they're standing still. The Camaro looks like it's going to beat you unconscious, put you in a silly hat, invite a couple of other Camaros over to take photos of you, then e-mail them to all your friends and co-workers. Call me crazy, but I like that in a car."

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              Love it Camilla. Thanks for the tutorial and the ones you've done in the past. You've taught me alot about layering. Merry Christmas!


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                Camilla this is amazing. I am soooooo gonna lift the banner. It is such a nice touch.

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                  Beautiful page and wonderful instructions, thanks so much for sharing, I am loving this site

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