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    I have boxes and boxes of pictures that are in photo storage boxes that I purchased for this purpose. Now…I'm over-run with these storage boxes. What do you gals do with all your pics?

    This year hasn't started out all that well yet. My front door knob seems to be broken, and we can't get in or out at times. Now, we have almost NO water….just a trickle! Brynlee played in the sink washing dishes for Mimi this afteoon. Maybe we've used our limit for the day???? :O

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      Good question! I use those same photo boxes to house all of my pics, and fortunately I don't have a husband or kids so everything fits! I already have 2 filled up with just dog pictures….LOL! I have no idea what I would do with a ton….


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        Debbie, I don't print out photos anymore unless I want them for something. I take the pics and then download them to my lappy.

        For the pics that I do have, and there are a lot, I went to Marshall's Home Goods and bought a trunk. It is decorative and doubles and a night stand in our bedroom. I have gobs of photos (in the photo storage boxes) stacked up in there.

        Since my house is so small and lacking storage space in a BIG way, I've always had to buy fuiture that pulls double duty. I hope that helps.


        Great idea! I've really thought about this problem. I've quit having all my pics developed as well. My DD is upset because I just print out the ones I want to scrap. However, before Swirlyville and photoshop, I had everything developed. Hence….thousands of pics and many, many boxes. If I had the storage boxes removed, I'd have lots more space.
        Thanks, Lisa!

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