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    So, my daughter wants to buy a Silhouette Cameo. The prices here in the Netherlands are ridiculous. Almost twice as your normal price. Where can we look, to get one and what does she needs more? She love those vinyl sayings for home deco, so vinyl is a must have for her.
    I know you savages KNOWS where to get good deals, Can you help us out here?


    Have you tried amazon.com? I don't know what shipping would be, but it's worth a look.


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      Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, it's the shipping costs that will be the problem, I guess.

      I'm thinking that Sue's suggestion is worth looking into. Their prices are not always the lowest, but if shipping is local, it may end up a bargain.

      I got mine from Dick Blick @ 33% off; right now, they're offering 25% off orders over $249.00, which would bring the price down to $203.00. They promise free shipping, but I doubt that would work with inteational shipments. http://www.dickblick.com/products/silhouette-cameo-electronic-cutting-tool/
      They give an inteational phone # http://www.dickblick.com/customerservice/ if you want to give them a call.
      It going to be expensive, even with the discount, but this is one purchase that I'm so glad that I made.


      Thanks Sue, I have looked on Amazon.com. I can only see that they are selling for $289.- And it says free shipping, but I'don't know if it counts inteational.


      Thanks Peggy… I looked them up, but they have a line where they say that they are not shipping outside of North America or to freight forwarders. (what ever that means)

      I think this could be a big search, to find one, which has a Europe plug in.


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        Paulien, you should research the plug ins and cord options for Europe. Once you find out if you can buy an inteational adapter, ask Krissy if she can order one for you and ship it to you.


        Paulien, I saw one for $335, plus $90 inteational shipping, so that's no good. You might have somebody in the US purchase it for you and ship it to you. eBay had a listing for an inteational adapter for the Cricut machine.


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          That damn shipping is the killer! Those suckers are heavy!


          Yeah I think so too!

          I know that the distributers are ordering them from the USA, so there must be a company who has one with European cord and plug ins right?


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            Rae had a good idea there; I think that's your best bet.

            I hadn't thought about adapters; could you see what the European distributors are offering?

            Anyway, good luck, Paulien. It's a great machine & I hope that you can find one for your daughter.


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              Kim did some research, and said you can just use an adapter, so finding a cord shouldn't be an issue. 🙂


              Kim helped me a lot, A LOT. (Thank hon) But the shipping and taxes will be about $150 so I am affraid that it makes no difference either to buy in America or the Netherlands. Anyway… Thank you all for your help!

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