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    For today I challenged myself to NOT use any embellishments. No flowers, no brads, no pearls
    (and believe me *THAT* is hard for
    Making my own, kind of lace and buttons. And the Prima papers that are in the April kit,
    are making it so easy. I also want to show you how important, the placement of your sentiment or title is.
    SO lets get started.



    I selected my papers which I wanted to use.


    cut my base card of cream cardstock at, 9.5 x 7.5 inch and folded it double.


    Distressed and inked up all the edges. I used Brushed Corduroy distress ink.
    I also glued my first paper down to the base of my card.


    Glued my second paper down and pop dotted the Prima ATC card.


    Glued the little piece of paper in place. Folded the other piece of paper in half and glued them down.


    I fussy cutted this decorative strip before and made it sturdy by gluing a piece of the negative chipboard that comes in the kit. Then I glued it onto my folded note card. (the card is still able to open up)


    Added my clock. pop dotted it right above and below my decorative strip.


    To make my own vintage buttons, I first cut 2 squares of paper. Draw circles on them and cut them out.
    inked up their edges and matted them on cream cardstock. They aren't perfectly round, but I think that only adds caracter to them.


    I cut them out again, leaving a tiny cream border. inked up their edges and drew 2 spots with a pen for the holes.


    Poked the holes with a needle. And set them aside.


    To make my own lace: I took this strip of paper and roughened the edges.


    With a needle I poked some holes. (actually stabbed my holes)


    Did the same at the backside, to get the texture on the front.


    till it looked something like this.


    I started pleating my strip carefully, cause with the little holes in it, it is a little fragile. Didn't glue the pleatings. set it aside.


    Took my buttons and run a thread through them.


    I glued them down using hot glue. Of course I needed to twist them. (adds more caracter)


    added my piece of lace to my card, using hot glue. Started from the bottom side and scrunched it up a bit, pressing it down in the hot glue. Now, my card only needs it's sentiment, on which I am going to show you a few pictures, of how important the placement really is.
    (keep in mind, that I did this before I actually start building this card)


    Here's where my card is layed out and I'm searching for the right spot for my sentiment.
    This picture shows that the sentiment is *too far apart*


    same goes for here. *too far apart* and out of balance.


    Here you see that, if I would add my sentiment right here, it would be toally *out of balance*
    to much black on one side. My lace strip fades if I'd add it here.


    If i'd add it like this, it is still to much black on one side, and the eye wouldn't be drawn all across the card. And I was going for a more delicate look.


    I finally found my right spot. Not too much black on one side, and the eye is going to be drawn all over my card. Perfect.


    And here's my finished card.

    I hope you liked this tutorial and picked up some idea's.


    The rules for this week:

    Make a card or tag with:

    PP only. (NO ready to go embellishments)
    (I want you to look differently at pp and see the possibilities)

    You can use 1 color of (distress) ink
    And 1 type of string/thread

    So… put your thinking cap on and show us your gorgeous creations!!!


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      This is stunning Paulien!! Absolutely fanastic and the idea for the lace is just amazing. You are so VERY talented to come up with all these wonderful ideas every week. I will certainly have a go at this as I find it very difficult to make a card without flowers. I just love those papers too. Thank you!


      This is gorgeous, Paulien! One of these days I am going to dedicate just to catching up on cards!


      Swirly Scrapper
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        Paulien, WOW, gorgeous card & awesome challenge!!!!
        No embellies, just paper and a piece of string?
        Let me see what I can do……

        Swirly Admin
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          Oh my word!!! I'm blown away Paulien!!! This is excellent!!

          "Some cars look like they're going fast when they're standing still. The Camaro looks like it's going to beat you unconscious, put you in a silly hat, invite a couple of other Camaros over to take photos of you, then e-mail them to all your friends and co-workers. Call me crazy, but I like that in a car."

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            Gorgeous Paulien.


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              And a wonderful job you did!


              Wow just give you paper and glue and a piercer and away you go….gorgeous Paulien!!! This is just fab!!!

              Swirly Admin
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                Wow, amazing how you come up with such cool ideas for your cards Paulien!


                This is awesome but my brain is too full and stuck.


                Another awesome card tutorial! They are fabulous each and every week. Thank you so much!


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                  Good one Paulien! Awesome challenge.


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                    Question, can we use dies?


                    I had to think about your question Lisa. Yes you can if you want too. The thought behind this was that I wanted you to look at the PP and see the possibilities. Like, the title work of Karola's Anatomy page. I had not seen it, till she explained. I thought she used a stamp, but she didn't. I think we, over-look the possibilities sometimes.


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