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    Well since I have been really into making cards lately and to celebrate the semi-finalist thing at Heartfelt Creations (it is an honor to have made it this far) I thought it was only fitting that my challenge be a card making challenge.

    I don't know about you guys but as hard as I try, I can never use up every single piece of my kits… Whether it is a joual spot, a what not… flowers and sometime even bling is left over… the kits are just so full of goodness that it is almost impossible to use it all before the next one shows up. My challenge for YOU is to use these leftover to create a card or two or three. You will get an extra vote for each card that you make and if you can figure out a way to use 100% swirly products (exception made for the cardstock as I don't know if everyone gets that particular add-on) then you will have an extra vote… That's right Girls and Boy there are a total of 4 bonus point per participants up for grabs. So get busy and have some fun… Just remember they are just mini layouts.

    As always here are the rules:

    – 50% Swirly Stuff
    – New layout as of April 1
    – Post here and to the gallery by 11:59PM April 30 CST – make sure you use April SGC – Cards as part of the title (-

    The prize:
    Once the contest is over a VERY lucky winner will have a certificate to spend here in the swirly store… I don't think it gets much better then that! You will PM me your 3 favorites on May 1st.

    That's it….let's have some fun.

    Here are my example


    Shona – 4 points (maxed out)
    Christy B – 2 points
    Erica – 2 point
    Kathy C – 3 points
    Heather – 3 points (unless one was 100% swirly… let me know)
    Renea – 1
    Nadia – 1
    Erin – 2
    Shell – 4 points (maxed out on points!!)
    Peggy – 3 points ( unless one was with the twist… let me know)

    If I missed counting points for twist please let me know.

    Here is your list ladies Pleas PM your top 3 cards.

    normal_DSC_0048_edited-1.jpg Shona aka Skeehnsic

    Shona aka Skeehsnic

    1301939021_227_FT81454_p1040295.jpg Christy B aka cbshai – twist

    1302468134_535_FT81454_img_2224_1_.jpg Erica aka Mimi402 – twist

    1302481336_61_FT81454_card_challenge_easter_card.jpg Kathy C aka Thelma

    1302481370_61_FT81454_card_challenge_mom.jpg Kathy C aka Thelma

    1302712011_61_FT81454_april_card_challenge_create.jpg Kathy C aka Thelma

    1302712070_61_FT81454_april_card_challenge_swirly_sistas.jpg Kathy C aka Thelma

    1302712127_61_FT81454_april_card_challenge_fly.jpg Kathy C aka Thelma

    1302712127_61_FT81454_april_card_challenge_via_air_mail.jpg Kathy C aka Thelma

    1302879351_409_FT81454_heather_a_hudson_6.jpg Heather

    Shona aka Skeehnsic

    Shona aka Skeehnsic – Twist

    1303078452_409_FT81454_heather_a_hudson_.jpg Heather

    1303095369_409_FT81454_heather_a_hudson_.jpg Heather

    1303096132_409_FT81454_heather_a_hudson_.jpg Heather

    1303145061_409_FT81454_heather_a_hudson2_.jpg Heather

    1303160329_286_FT81454_tohaveandtoholdcardsmaller_.jpg Renea aka reneabouquets

    1303184842_409_FT81454_heather_a_hudson_bd_.jpg Heather

    1303184842_409_FT81454_heather_a_hudson_gch_.jpg Heather

    198-1.jpg Nadia C

    1303361209_18_FT81454_u_019.jpg Erin aka ekr1432 – twist

    1303851058_35_FT81454_img_7339-1_.jpg Shelly aka shellmue – twist

    1303851058_35_FT81454_img_7338-1_.jpg Shelly aka shellmue

    1303851058_35_FT81454_img_7337-1.jpg Shelly aka shellmue

    1304100685_36_FT81454_birthday_jean_1104.jpg Peggy aka M4gnj

    1304100685_36_FT81454_thinking_of_you_1104.jpg Peggy aka M4gnj

    1304175562_36_FT81454_thinking_of_you_4292011.jpg Peggy aka M4gnj


    Joelle!!!! What a fabulous challenge, and your sample card is gorgeous!!! Congrats on making it to the semifinals, and I will say a little prayer that you will be working beside me and the other designers at Heartfelt Creations!! I love using my swirly stuff for my cards.


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      Very nice challenge Joelle!!!


      Great Challenge, Joelle! I have never made a card! This will push me out of my box!


      Swirly Scrapper
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        Thanks, Joelle!!! This is what I need to fill my so-neglected resolution to make a few cards every month!!!

        Swirly Admin
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          OH sweet challenge cant wait 🙂 and yours are gorgeous!!!


          fantastic challenge, and congrats on making it to the semi-finals!!

          love the examples – great use of the leftovers!


          Wow!! Stunning cards!
          Great challenge, Joelle! I NEED to make some cards.


          I don't make cards much so this is perfect to make me stretch a bit. Thanks and your cards are gorgeous.


          fantastic challenge!

          your cards are stunning


          great challenge!! I'm in ;D



          Swirly Admin
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            Gorgeous book card! Do you mind sharing that technique after this challenge?


            Swirly Scrapper
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              I've never made a card before either, but I am in! Thanks for a fun challenge Joelle, love your examples and wish you the best of luck as a semi-finalist-hope you make it all the way!!

              Swirly Admin
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                Fantastic challenge…

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