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    Here we go….


    A masculine card, which contains: misting – masking – inking – and some other fun techniques. SOrry for the heavy photo post ladies, but I wanted to show you each step.

    the front of the card opens up


    and here's how I made this card.


    I gathered some white cardstock, various colors of distress ink and some masks to start with.


    The base of my card is 6×6. I cut an extra card (which is in the center of my card) of 3×6 (you cut 6 x 6 and fold this double) and I cut a strip of 1.5 x 6. I also cut a strip of burlap which is 2 x 6


    I took my base card and teared up some bookpaper. Glued it down using multi medium (matte)


    Once I got it all covered, I gave it an extra coat of multi medium.


    I also gave the burlap a thin layer of multi medium. This keeps it from fraying. (Thanks Lynne for this idea) set it all aside to dry.


    The I took my 1,5 x 6 inch strip and place my mask over it. Started to apply Faded Jeans Distress ink


    Once it was all colored I let the mask stay on it


    I wettened my hands under running water and flicked some droplets on my just colored strip. Let this air dry and let your mask still sit on that strip.


    Then after it was dry enough, I inked up a script stamp using Walnut Stain and Chipped Saphire Distress ink and stamped on my strip. Right over my mask. Ater I stamped my script I took the mask off and cleaned it.


    I took a Tim Holtz stamp, inked it up using Archival ink and stamped my image (diamond patte)
    Without inking my stamp up again, I stamped it a second time at the top… You see that the image is less clear.


    For the center of my card, I wanted an extra, open up page, so I cut a piece of cardstock 6 x 6 and folded it double. I started working on the inside first, and I placed my mask.


    I added Gathered Twigs Distress ink all over my surface, and let the mask stay there.
    Gave it a quick spritz with water, cause I like the way it blends the color and dabbed it off a little with a paper towel. Let it air dry.


    While the mask was still on, I stamped my images. Then took off the mask and cleaned it. When you leave your mask on whilst stamping, you acchieve the effect that your stamping is behind you masking, but is really the other way around. I do love this technique.


    I added some gesso to my card and …………..


    placed some book paper over it and gave it some pressure. This piece of bookpaper is way to big for the Gesso that I added, but you will see why in a minute.


    I did the exact same thing in the bottom left coer.


    Flipped my card around, to work on the front.


    I placed my mask on a piece of aluminum foil and spritzed it with a mist of Black Soot distress ink.


    I carefully picked up my mask a put it on a clean piece of aluminum foil.


    I the put my front of my card over the mask and gave it a light pressure.


    This is how it came out. It did bleed a little but I'm fine with that.


    I flipped my card again, cause the gesso was dry enough, to peel off the extra bookpaper.


    I then took my base card and layed out my pieces, to see how it all came together.
    I felt like I needed some popping color at the left side of my card and I decieded to go with red.


    I marked the area that I wanted to be red. But because of my base card had this Multi Medium coat…. I couldn't use distress ink or sprays because it would resist the ink


    So what I did was, I gave the selected area a quick layer of Multi Medium


    While the Multi Medium was still wet I sprayed it with Dylussions Spray ink.


    I heatset it and I loved how it came out.

    Then for the center card of my card, I gave it a layer of Iced Spruce Distress ink


    Whilst the ink was still wet, I poured on some Pearl Ex in silver (you can use perfect pearls for this too)

    brushed it all out and OMG…. My image was almost gone…..


    I took a damp cloth to reveal the image. I was Happy with the result.


    I selected my embellies


    and started to glue down my paper strip (right) and my canter card piece.


    I cut my burlap into to pieces and stapled a small strip to the left.


    Stapled my other one onto the left side of my center card piece, so that the card could still open up.


    I stapled some film strip ribbon to my card too.


    This frame I had have for ever in my stash, and I poked some holes through my card and run a piece of seambinding through it. Knotted the ends together.


    I added my wishes and glued a bird on my frame.


    On the right side, I added a key. Poked a hole through my card and knotted my seambinding.

    and although this seems like a Million steps….. It was so fun to do.

    I really love how it came out.


    So…. what is the challenge this week?

    Make a card using

    * Masking
    * Misting
    * and make it a masculine card.

    I can't wait to see your cards ladies!
    Have FUN.


    LOVE it, Paulien! What a great masculine card!

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      Awesome card Paulien, can't wait to try this!


      Awesome card!

      T-his I must try, with my DH birthday coming up in a couple of weeks.


      Glad you like it girls. There are some fun trics.
      I forgot to share how I did the bird. I used the Martha Stewart Crafters clay and I used a blue bird mold.
      Then after it dried (I only used the white clay) I dabbed it with Ingvild's Tin Tan ink. Then I sprinkled Ranger's silver embossing powder on it, gave it a quick heating with my heat tool. After it cooled down, I dabbed with Archival ink over the bird. I love how it came out.

      I totally wasn't expecting that you can heat emboss the clay.

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        WOW, Paulien!! All your techniques are amazing!!

        "Some cars look like they're going fast when they're standing still. The Camaro looks like it's going to beat you unconscious, put you in a silly hat, invite a couple of other Camaros over to take photos of you, then e-mail them to all your friends and co-workers. Call me crazy, but I like that in a car."


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          Paulien, this is just WOW!!!!!!! so stunning!!!!
          Thank you so much for coming up with a masculine design and with so many different techniques to follow!!!!
          (I love your stamping with the mask; that's a new one for me!!!!!)

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            Awesome card…


            Swirly Scrapper
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              Wow! A wealth of wonderful techniques. Love the book page to off of the dried gesso.


              Hmmm, my sons 21st birthday is next month, think I will be giving this one a try:)


              Fab.. many ideas her that is sure… I love misting, but not so good with the masking.. but now I need to have a go I see… 🙂


              Swirly Scrapper
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                Linda, you have to try masking, I promise you'll love it!!!!!


                SO I don't make many cards, but I love all these techs!!




                wow! so many layers and fun techniques.

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