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      Well, we're half-way through Summer and the traditional vacation time. Some of you travel, some of you take day trips, and some of you stay home and relax in the yard. This is what I'm asking you to scrap, the where!!!!!
      With some rules and restrictions, of course….

      No, you can't have family and friends in your photos. The incidental tourist is okay, but I want to see places!!!! (No photos of destinations or yards??? Well, if you'd rather not, then use the Google to plan your dream vacation and use the photos from the resulting sites.)

      No, you can't do a traditional 12 x 12 layout. I used the printer's tray from the May Technique Add-On Kit, along with the charms that were provided. I have a feeling that there are more tray, as well as mosaic kits and clocks, canvas and acrylics, etc. still out there waiting to be opened and played with. I'll also accept mini albums, as well as altered frames, trays, boxes, whatever from the nearest craft store. Heck, make a faux post card!!!!! Just no layouts!!!!!

      And you must use as much SwirlyStuff as possible. If you choose to go the altered route, the paper and embellies must be at least 75% Swirlydoos. For my example, all of the charms except the lizard near the rocks, as well as the paper scraps and flowers are from previous kits.

      Please post your entries in the SGC section of the Gallery under August SGC – Peggy; as always, feel free to leave a copy here on the boards. If you wish to post elsewhere (and why not?!), please don't forget to mention Swirlydoos!!!! (BTW, did you know that you can link your sbc uploads to your Facebook page???)


      ***Christy B


      ***Jennifer S











      OMG! Peggy…you didn't just push me out of the box! You pushed me off the CLIFF! I have never altered anything in my life! Oh my! I will really have to put my thinking cap on for this one! Thanks for what I am sure will be an awesome challenge!


      Peggy, that's beautiful!!!!!

      Great challenge too!


      Can we use a 12×12 peice of acrylic or is that considered a layout?


      Swirly Scrapper
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        Awesome idea, Peggy! I just got back from a trip, so this works for me! But, I use all my alterables! Damn, I guess I'll have to go buy something!


        Swirly Scrapper
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          Can we use a 12×12 peice of acrylic or is that considered a layout?

          As long as you use it as acrylic and not a base, sure, why not!!!! 🙂


          great challenge, Peggy!


          WOW! Okay Peggy….you are making me ALTER something??!! *shudders* Maybe I will do a canvas…heehee

          Love your example! It is gorgeous!


          Can we use a 12×12 peice of acrylic or is that considered a layout?

          As long as you use it as acrylic and not a base, sure, why not!!!! 🙂



          Like as an altered thing, not the base for a 12×12 layout. 🙂

          Swirly Admin
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            Wow Peggy that is awesome!! No layouts huh? That's a toughy for me

            "Some cars look like they're going fast when they're standing still. The Camaro looks like it's going to beat you unconscious, put you in a silly hat, invite a couple of other Camaros over to take photos of you, then e-mail them to all your friends and co-workers. Call me crazy, but I like that in a car."


            Already had a canvas gessoed up and ready to go
            have a few free minutes and did this up
            9 x 12 canvas
            photos from our family trip to Paris.



            Christy beautiful canvas!!!!

            that is my next BIG trip PARIS. Just have to get Thelma on board


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              That is a great idea! I'm redoing my bathroom with a beach theme, if I'm brave enough to alter something maybe I'll give it a try with my pics.


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                Christy WOW! That looks like something you would walk in a store and buy! Maybe something to think about. Ea extra swirly money.

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