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    In the last two months I have broken two front teeth. I went out and got estimates for the anchors and teeth and two teeth were 13,000 which is out of this retired teachers budget. I figured when I got ready to retire i would use my house to back up health things (wrong). As I have shared I have memory and processing problems and my daughter was suppose to go to dentist with me. Well something happened and she wasn't there. I was very confused. After I had the consultation with my dentist I had a tooth cleaning. While I was in there my dentist typed a letter to me reminding me of the options and when I would need to do with all three options. The questions I need to ask my cardiologist. I was blown away because he knew that is what my daughter was suppose to take notes on and I was very upset because I was not remembering all of what he told me.
    It just happened that he had the time and having the typed information from him will help me talk with my cardiologist and ask her the questions he wants me to ask. Thanks also to Lisa who told me I needed to get going on this because an infection could be dangerous. This procedure will only cost me $900 with my insurance paying the rest.
    Thanks Lisa for lighting a fire under my arce.


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      Glad to hear that it worked out for you.


      You are quite welcome my dear.
      People don't realize that infected teeth can kill you. If not then weaken your heart by creating an infection called endocarditis. We had a little boy in the hospital die 2 weeks ago. His mom couldnt afford dental insurance, he had a bad molar, it developed into an abscess, she tried home remedies that didnt work and by the time he was admitted to the hospital, the infection already invaded his heart. He was put on the heart transplant list, but died 2 weeks after he was admitted. We had transferred him to All Childrens Hospital, but he didn't make it. So very sad.


      How devastating. 🙁 That is so tragic.

      I don't know how we would handle everything without insurance.

      I am glad that it worked out!

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        Kathy, glad it is working out for you. I can sympathize about the cost because we don't have dental insurance at all

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          Kathy, glad it all worked out!

          OMG, Lisa, that is soooo sad!

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            Kathy, that's great news; so glad that it worked out so well!!!!

            Lisa, so, so, sad. Wasn't there any way at all for the mother to get earlier treatment? To lose a child like that must be unbearably heartbreaking.

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