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      One hour ago I was quitting Swirlydoos because I can't stand the fact I can't remember how to upload my pictures. I realized that part of the health challenges I have affects my brain and I am not too patient and easily frustrated. It is frustrating because I use to have a good memory and intelligence. Now I have to accept that sometimes I can't do it. I have a notebook just for scrapbooking. Actually several notebooks for different subjects.

      Anyway the reason I am posting is to say Thank You to all the kind women who helped me. The Lisa's are unbelievable. Peggy ty for your kindness and patience with my oral description of my l/o which I changed anyway. I hope my lateness didn't affect you too much. I did lea that I cannot do RR with only a week because life keeps getting in the way. I think I will concentrate more on the monthly challenges. The incredible thing is that I want to scrapbook and enter challenges (even though it took me 6 months to have the confidence to try.) Thanks again Peggy.

      If I seem like a pest I am sorry. Patience is also a part of my memory issues. TY for being so kind even when I want to throw my puter outside the door. Swirlydoo Women are the best. Even though my layouts aren't what I want yet they sure are getting better. That is because of all of your wonderful Swirly Sisters. TY

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