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    I started to post that my Yorkie is under the weather and my car is in the shop and is costing $1000+, but then I thought about Joy…..and all my little cares seemed so unimportnat. I hope that her hubby is on the mend. Has anyone gotten an update???? Thank you Lord, for your many blessings.


    awe Debbie, yes there are many things to be thankful for.

    Why is your sweet Yorkie under the weather?


    awe Debbie, yes there are many things to be thankful for.

    Why is your sweet Yorkie under the weather?

    I don't know. His tummy is upset. I scrambled him an egg and gave him water with a medicine syringe. He ate a little. I don't want him to get dehydrated. He's so little. I don't have a vehicle until lunch.


    My baby Yorkie did not eat well when I first brought him home. It is really important for those little guys to eat or they can go down hill fast. I bought some NutriCal high calorie supplement for puppies. It is a high calorie paste in a tube. It was the only thing that he would touch for a few days. The Yorkie experts say to keep it around anyway for any times when the dog may get hypoglycemic from not eating.


    Debbie, if you don;t have that on hand now and he hasn't eaten in quite awhile you can use Karo syrup or even honey just to get some calories in him.


    Thanks so much Jan….I had forgotten what that puppy supplement was called. I've been watching him. We also have two Poms that we had to watch when they were pups. I had to stay up all night one time giving one pup glucose with a syringe every 15 minutes….but she lived!! It's really scary when they have low blood sugar….Like you said, it can happen in just a few minutes.

    I'm going to play it safe….I'm off to Petsmart to get some right now. Thanks for the reminder….
    Petsmark doesn't have it anymore. Calling my vet….I had it for the Poms…

    Called the Vet….we're off for a little check up just to make sure.


    hmmm…I can't remember if I got it at Petco or PetSmart. I think Petco though. Hope the baby is ok.


    Max has some kind of bacteria….which we treated last week, but it's not gone yet. The vet also found a protozoa in his bowel. My, my….this little man has been expensive the past two weeks. We go back the next two days for a shot and oral meds. This has not been a good month for my bank account !sad

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      Poor little guy.


      He seems to be feeling ok now. He had a temper tantrum at the Vet. He was growling and trying to bite with those sharp little teeth. My wonderful vet grabbed him up to his chest and held him really tight. Max struggled and growled…but then calmed down in a few seconds. When Dr. Sheen lightened up, Max started licking him on the face as if to say…Oh, I'm so sorry I was a bad boy. No more tempter tantrums!!


      awww…I still want to see pictures, you know!


      awww…I still want to see pictures, you know!

      Will do….I've got to take pics of The Beast too.


      Hope I'm doing this right. Loved the new tutorials Krissy. Can the perfect pearls be used liked the micro

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        Awww Debbie, We are all so thankful for the precious gifts in our lives. Sometimes though, we run into som tough stuff and need a kind ear to listen to our conces and offer a gentle hug.

        Nutri-Cal is a wonderful supplement, and every pet owner should keep it on hand for emergency tummy situations. Another great idea is jar baby food. Little ones can't resist it! I hope the baby is feeling better soon.

        Now, why is the beast in the shop?!?!? And why is it costing you so much?! You JUST bought it! Isn't it still under warranty?

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