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    Liquid or powder? Apparently I need some for the Primary Elements!


    Or can I just mix it with gloss or matte medium?


    According the their website:

    Luminarte Artist Pigments TM, mix with easily with

    Gum binders,
    Textile Medium
    Stencil Paste
    Acrylic medium
    Water-based polyurethane
    Acrylic glaze
    Gel mediums


    Thanks Monica, I should have gone to the source! I ordered some gum arabic online, I called Hobby Lobby and the only kind they had was the liquid, 75ml for 14.99! YIKES! I found the powder on a site for 2.09! HELLO! What a huge difference! So, I also got the Dyan stencil that Lynne used in the tutorial and a set of palette knives and ink droppers….all for just above the 14.99 that HL wanted for the medium.


    You're welcome, Manda! I've got a bottle of liquid gum arabic that I bought @ Michael's with a coupon… still expensive but better than full price. Guess I should get it out and see what it does with the Pigments. lol I've only used the pigments for making Christmas oaments thus far!

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      you can also use the pigments with the ice resin


      Yeah Manda, HL only had the liquid which wasn't what i was looking for. It is great for the sprays and stuff, but i wanted to do some other techniques that needed the powder! When you get the gum arabic if you mix it with a big glob of the primary elements and just like 2 – 3 squirts of water, the Primary elements comes out really dark and kind of bronzed. The green goes away. Hope that makes sense LOL! I've been playing with mine nonstop! Also if anyone doesn't have gum arabic, and you want to make a spray out of the elements, you can mix it with hairspray! Just a scoop of the pigment and fill it with hairspray in a bottle.


      Miranda, I JUST finished watching your video with the technique kit, awesome job! I noticed that you mentioned using hairspray, all I have is aerosol! Oh well, I can wait to use it as a watercolor, I have plenty of gloss and matte medium, gesso and paste. 🙂


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        Manda, where on earth did you find all that stuff so cheap???
        I own the liquid, Miranda, you're saying that it won't work or not as well?


        Peggy, it seemed that to make watercolors, the powder is cheaper and you can control it a little better. Just from watching vids, etc. I think the liquid would be great for making mists, like Miranda mentioned.

        I realized as I was playing, the Lindy's Micas are very similar to the Primary Elements…and the Magical Micas are also similar AND they have the binder mixed in. SO, I was mixing and making a total mess today, WOOT! LOL

        I am currently waiting for gesso to dry for the drips and butterfly challenge layout and I hope to start another one soon! I should probably start dinner…….blah……


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          Oh, blah to dinner; you're having too much fun, LOL!!!!!

          & thanks bunches for the info!!!!!

          You're gonna LOVE the Dyan stencil; I use and treasure mine a lot!!!!!!


          Well, we ordered BBQ, and I have had a couple rum and Cokes….we shall see if it lends itself to scrapping…



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            Manda, that's a perfect dinner. and R&C should do something, right????????


            It did LOL! I finished up a layout and I am starting another one now….sans r&c. ;)

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              Okay, I've never heard of gum Arabic, what is it?

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