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    I was in Washington DC when they dedicated the WWII site. It was amazing to have so many WWII vets talking to each other and anyone who would visit with them. I met a Code Breaker who was so happy to talk (to his wives chigrin), I leaed so much from him. They also were going around asking people if they had served in WWII or had family in WWII. When I told him my father had they put a medal around my neck and saluted me and said TY for the service for our country., Obviously I burst out in tears. It was so wonderful to watch them and watch other people react. I was also very interested in all the security around. There were 5 presidents there. They had so many police officers, Secret Service, FBI, state police, private police.


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      Awesome pic Ang! love me a man in uniform.

      I, too, have had family members in the military. Thank you doesn't seem to be enough, not just for those who serve, but for their families that serve right along with them.

      So, thanks Ang for your sacrifice as well.


      Ang – what a great photo that is. You must have been so very proud of your husband – yet such difficult times for moms raising babies alone. Big sacrifices our military and military families make for freedom. Thanks so much!


      My husband was in the Airforce – Vietnam Vet (he is 10 years older than me and was on the end years of the war wrapping things up – but it sounds soooooo old, eeeeeek)

      My dad and FIL , most of my uncles, a few cousins are wartime vets – my nephew currently serves as an Arabic Translator

      So thanks to all those that have served bravely. Thanks to those that currently serve as well.


      Want to remember and pray for Leslie and her son Kevin also. Dear Swilrygirl whose son was wounded. They fight the fight everyday.

      While Leslie has not checked in for quite a while, please know that she and Kevin are in my daily prayers and in my heart. The madness that family has been through boggles my mind. REAL HEROS!!!!


      What an awesome photo. Sending thanks and prayers to all who have served and are serving…their courage and willingness to serve amaze me!!


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        Jen, thanks so much for remembering Leslie and Kevin; I, too, think of them often with gratitude and honor for the sacrifice that they have made for our country.

        My husband served in the Army during a relatively peaceful span of the Cold War and only (almost) saw action once: he was on a plane headed for Florida at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was called back when the USSR blinked and agreed to remove the missile base.
        My father and all of my uncles who were of age at the time were WWII veterans. My father was in the Army Air Corps; I have posted several layouts on this subject.
        My Uncle Jack never made it home; he was killed by a sniper in April 1945.

        To all who served throughout the history of our country, my so grateful thanks…

      Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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