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    I've tried to edit these 2 photos but I just don't have the patience or knowledge.
    I would like the shadows and feet taken out .
    can one of our PS gurus help me out please 🙂


    Here is one take



    not sure what kind of magic you were looking for



    really? What kind of magic? I think your Yorkie is looking for Escape Kitty



    Jen.Thanks for the edits. She is not my Yorkie. I took these pics of her down by the river in Savannah. The magic i was looking for was just good usable photos to use in my last Savannah LO.


    She and escape kitty could join Chena on Maggi's next adventure


    LOL – ohhhhh no fantasy runnaway dog with my Escape Kitty? You wanted the shadows and feet removed, and i guess you did not want her on a forrest path with wings. What? no flying winged dogs in Savannah?


    LOL nope just good old fashioned PS'ed photos..no feet, no shadows please


    Oh, what an adorable pooch! I want one just like her. I've been kicking the idea around for weeks now. Is seeing this pic an answer to get a Yorkie to go with my other 3 Cavies???? I think I'm an animal horder! You might see me on TV!!!!


    Ok….this pup is not as cute as Jen's with angel wings, but I tried….I hope this is the right copy?? Nope! LOL! It was my friend's daughter!!!


    Trying again…no kids this time!

    You might want to crop the pic….I left all I could.
    I still like Jen's angel dog! tee-hee


    Thanks debbie great edit!!
    I liked Jen's wings..I'm just not into wings


    Thanks debbie great edit!!
    I liked Jen's wings..I'm just not into wings

    Do you want the other view edited too????


    Here's my second edit of the other pic. I just didn't put in the leash.

    I didn't use an action on the pics, and putting in the grout lines on the brick was a little tricky. I added hair here and there to hide the shadows. Let me know if you'd like any changes. I'll give it my best shot…..


    hanks Debbie they are both great!!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)

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