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      I've been getting kits since December, but this is my first time posting anything here. I love scrapbooking- its my therapy. But my pages are nothing like the design teams here. I started this to lea and get better, but im overwelmed and intimidated! I dont understand where you get your supplies or lea how to do the techniques. I currently get the kits and put them each in a separate box- I dont use them at all. We have a scrapbook store here (only 1 i think in the whole state), but the classes are more about making this page, not on techniques or how to use a product. Like copic markers- what makes them special? Any tips on how to get started? Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

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        Shawna, first let me say Welcome to Swirlydoos!!!! and let you know how glad that you've decided to introduce yourself!!!!
        Next, let me assure you that (1)we were all newbies once and (2)we've all grown so very, very much since joining up!!!!
        So. Where to start? My best advice is to just take the plunge, perhaps starting out with a simple design and then trying something new with each succeeding page. (Don't expect everything you do to tu out perfect (I speak from experience, LOL)!)
        If the DT layouts seem a little overwhelming, why not take a look at the Round Robin entries? http://www.swirlydoos.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=14
        As far as techniques, have you been looking at out Tips & Techniques forum? There's a lot of wonderful tutorials on there, as well as images to copy & print out. On the left of your screen, there's a button for Tutorials, some more awesome stuff over there!!!
        We also have an Ask the Designers forum, as well as forums for Photography and Photoshop; jump in and ask anything; trust me, you'll get some good answers to any questions you may have!!!


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          Welcome to Swirlydoos!!! Ditto on everything Peggy said. I first came to Swirlydoos about a year ago and was overwhelmed and blown away. I was so afraid to post any of my pages. All of my Scrappy Heroes are here and they are the nicest, most caring and selfless people I have ever met.

          Ask as many questions as you want and roll your sleeves up and get ready to have FUN!!!!


          Welcome! And I totally agree with the ladies. Everyone here started from the beginning just like you, and little by little you start feeling like you actually know what your doing. I still consider myself a newbie because I just started scrapping just last year and I love it!! But I leaed by checking out the Tutorial section and checking out videos online, like Youtube. But like Peggy said..we were all newbies once and felt overwhelmed at one point or another.
          There's no right or wrong..you just gotta have fun and explore..explore..explore.

          And believe me..anything you post here, will never be negatively critized or ridiculed. If anything, you are given so much inspiration and encouragment to grow and scrap like you've never scrapped before!! ;D

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            hiiiiii and welcome….we will all help anyway we can 🙂


            Hi ScrappinBella, I love your name!
            If you have any questions about Copic Markers I can help you in that regard. I am a Certified Copic Designer so ask away :o)
            As for the imtimadation: I feel your pain! See, I'm more of a card maker than a scrapbooker. I can make the cutest cards but when I try to go to a 12×12..I'm lost.
            I am always asking questions, and the girls are so friendly and always eager to help.
            I have pm'd a few and asked if I could scraplift their page that I loved and was told yes everytime!
            I'm thinking if I copy their work, it will give me an insight into how they are doing it.
            So find a page you really love and them pm the creator and see if they care if you copy it :o)
            Peggy was right about the Round Robin Challenge..My first time for that challenge was last month. I had never tried water distressing and I had a really hard time with it. I would have given up..(I tend to do that far to often!) but..I had a commitment to create the page..it forced me to keep trying and I got it! he he he
            I was pretty proud of myself! so…the long story is..
            go for it! ask away, copy, and just be able to laugh if you create a failure..I'm sure everyone has at one time or the other!
            I look forward to seeing you at Round Robin challenge! And girl for goodness sake!
            Get those kits, cut the papers, and just play! Don't let them sit there all lonely :o(


            welcome! we have a few sisters from OK here, you're not alone.

            i'm not sure if many here use Copics, but when i find a product that i need help on, i youtube it, and always find something. i don't want to get hooked on copics, can afford it on top of this madness!!


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              Hi and welcome!!


              Welcome!!! We all felt exactly like you do. This is a great place to lea and experiment. We have fun, support each other, teach each other and care about each other. We can't wait to get to know you.
              Dive in….the water's great!!!


              Welcome! I am in OK too!!

              The LSS here has classes, I have been asked to do one on inking techniques!

              Yeah, the tips and tuts thread is awesome, one at a time! ;D



              Shawna, LOVE my Copics – don't have enough and don't utilize them near enough.

              You will get tons of support here and you will lea and grow if you hang, ask questions, read the techniques, observe and jump in.

              The best of the best exsist here at Swirlydoos. I mean that on a number of levels. You will never find more nurturing and sharing scrappers anywhere.


              Welcome! I love my copics, got them for christmas and now I can't seem to put them down!! Can't wait to see your creations…

              I started here at swirlydoos when I was brand new to scrapbooking and by watching and trying to lift the designs of all the talented ladies on this site I started to gain some confidence so go ahead and break out those kits and play. These ladies are wonderfully encouraging!!

              As for the copics there are so many great tutorials on u tube that is where I leaed most of the techniques. I bought a pack of 36 off ebay and well now I have 72 and waiting for the next excuse to buy another set! There are lots of challenges out there that help with tips on colouring and if you go to participants blogs alot of them list which copics they used. There are links on my blog to different challenge sites for cards and copics!


              Welcome – check out the threads on tips and techniques – they are wonderful!


              Welcome! I'm new to Swirlydoo's too and have just bought my first kit. I too am feeling a little overwhelmed, but Jen's right, the welcome I've been given and just the nurturing and genuine support given on this site is enough to make even the most nervous scrapper feel like a guru.


              Hi Shawna you will plenty of help here in swirlyville!!!!

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