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    I am being actively stalked by one of the mother's of a kid that I taught in fourth grade years ago. He is now 17. I guess it's a compliment gone way wrong, but she LOVES me….She is showing up at my house and when we don't answer, she came right in!!!!! We had already gone to bed, and I was in my jammies. Didn't matter….she came in to visit!!!! I thought my door was locked???? She called 16 times in 30 minutes, and she called last night and was at my front door wanting to come in. Everytime I get on Facebook, they attack me with messages and pleas of Call us.

    She has looked in my mailbox and gone to ask my neighbor's about me to see if I'm home or just not answering the door? She has lost her last 5 jobs….for what I don't know??? She's driving me nuts in addition to scaring me!
    Enough is enough!!!!!!


    Debbie, this is pretty scarey! You probably need to report this!


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      Oh no Debbie that's awful!!! I mean you ARE pretty da lovable but still GEEZ LOUISE! I am a very private person so that would drive me totally nuts! I ended a friendship with someone who did that. I would try to find some way to let her know how uncomfortable you are with this and give her the opportunity to back off. Then if she doesn't I would report it. Good luck and please keep us posted!

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        Debbie….that is NOT COOL!!! Either you should tell her about private space or report her. Scary!

        "Some cars look like they're going fast when they're standing still. The Camaro looks like it's going to beat you unconscious, put you in a silly hat, invite a couple of other Camaros over to take photos of you, then e-mail them to all your friends and co-workers. Call me crazy, but I like that in a car."


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          Couldn't agree more with what has been said Debbie. If you think she is stable enough to talk to, I would give it a try; otherwise I would report her.


          I gave her my speech about needing my space yesterday. I think the entire family need a little visit with the psychologist. There are lots of issues going on…but da! I don't have time to take care of my family, go to class, scrap and solve all her problems. I hate being ugly….but something has to change….SOON!!!


          Good Grief! You really need some professional assistance with this one…..I wouldn't know how to handle that short of a restraining order….. I almost mis-typed oder haha…use whatever works 🙂


          And I misspelled odor….apparently, I'm the one that needs help


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            I wasn't going to go there Beverly…..promise. ;) LOL


            LOL! It's summer….spelling doesn't count!


            OMG Debbie! That is S-Scary..talk about SWF (single white female), remember that creepy movie! Be super careful..just as long as she doesn't start dressing like you..looking like you..getting the same hair cut as you, then I say just keep your distance from her but if any of those things happen..report her a$$!


            Can you move??? I know that sounds drastic, but we are private people too and I hate confrontation…unless I'm pushed to where I'm pi$$ed.

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              Speaking of creepy movies…how about bunnies boiling on the stove crazy. That woman's nuts! Be careful.


              Honestly….I think she does have some issues. I truly didn't help her way back then except to listen to her in a professional capacity because I was her son's teacher. We've never met for drinks or done anything socially….but I'm her best friend??? She is even calling my daughter at her work about me. She used to work at the same place my DD works…but she got laid off. It's suspicious to me….and I do NOT want to be involved.
              Haven't heard from her today except on FB…..I told her I was out of town….PERMANENTLY!!!!


              I had a similar experience with a student who got older. I talked with his parents and they were useless. I was spooked about getting a restraining order but I called an officer to school and he said that was the only way they could help me. He stopped thank goodness but it took awhile and I was scared. I know it is hard to be nice to parents because we teach their kids but some of them do not have boundaries. When you meet with her you have to make it very clear and direct and you need to make sure you have another adult in the meeting. This stuff is not a joke I had a student bring a gun too school to shoot my partners sub. Then two weeks later he bued his house down.l The times they have changed. Get someone from school to be there to help you get the point across. Obviously you know this but don't meet at your house alone. I don;t know where u live but if you are close to Sacramento I will come meet with you with her. I can tell you are a very kind person but please be careful because those type of people are so needy they think we are their best friends. They have no boundaries. Threaten to get a restraining order and if that doesn't seemt o bother her then just get one.

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