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      It is Swirlydoos' goal (with your support), to be able to supply this life changing tool to as many children with Autism as we possibly can by April 2, 2011 (World Autism Day)!


      Date Fund Raising Began: Tuesday 15 March 2011 

      iPad #4 funds banked to date: $25.00

      Amt still needed to purchase 1 iPad for a child with Autism: $474.00


      *** iPads already purchased for special kiddos – THREE!! ***



      Thank you so much, to all of our Swirly Angels who are making this drive possible! You can find complete details on the iPads for Autism drive by clicking on the iPad above and going to our iPads for Autism page.

      That's pretty good for one day! Keep it up ladies!


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        You would think Apple would give you a break on the price for doing such a wonderful thing!

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          Diana, I AGREE!!!! I contacted them at one point and the employee said that Apple doesn't change the price for ANYONE. In fact, if any of their retailers change the price or hold a sale, Apple will pull their product from the store and not let them sell it anymore! They are VERY strict on pricing… bleh


          Krissy – what a wonderful idea. Ipads for Autism!!! I love it!

          And Apple is VERY strict with pricing. However, with the release of the new iPad 2, the price on the first generation just dropped to 399. That might help a lil…

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            it did???? NO WAY! I'll be going to Apple tomorrow and check it out!!

            Thank you SO SO SO Much sweetie!

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              We are positively thrilled to announce that:


              iPad #1 is PURCHASED!!!!!!

              Now, how do we decide who it goes to? So many are in need that we want to ensure that each iPad goes to a child who reeeeeally really needs it.


              Do you all wish to nominate a child with Autism? Or would you rather that I choose the recipient? All recipients will be based on need.


              Our special kiddo will be posted when he/she has been chosen and the iPad sent, so that you can SEE where your donations went, and who they are helping!

              We would like to send a VERY special THANK YOU! To the ladies who helped us to purchase iPad #1



              Maria R

              Linda P

              Wanda H

              Diana A

              Lisa G

              Erica O

              Shelly M

              Denise J

              Janet K

              Kathi S

              Lisa V

              Sue G

              Shirley K

              Kim H

              Jennifer S


              That rocks Krissy! And my vote is for you to choose the recipient. 🙂


              Payday is the 23rd. I'll send $$ for an i-pad then. What a great idea. WTG!!!


              I see it says until April 2. Will you continue this after. I would be inclined to do a monthly donation….


              I see it says until April 2. Will you continue this after. I would be inclined to do a monthly donation….

              Me too!! I was thinking the exact same thing!


              Don't stop a good thing. The Swirly Savages could make a big difference in a little life!


              I'm in!!!!


              Yea, we should keep this going if we can.

              And I'm in too! I'd love to be included in a monthly donation deal. ;D

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