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      I have a theory and I think it is a pretty good one. I've come to believe that my kitchen (although I'm sure mine isn't the only one) is a very complicated and mysterious place for my family.

      For example; I'm thinking of getting a new dishwasher because I've come to the conclusion that mine is too hard to use and figure out. I've shown my family countless times where the release is to open the door and how easy it is to put things in and take things out. Yet my in-person tutorial is met with the glazed look. I must be talking waaaaayyyyy over their heads because they still haven't figured out how to operate the door release.

      Another example: I truly believe that when my kitchen counters were installed that they came with a built in cloaking device. I come home and see crumbs, napkins, utensils, plates, cups and wrappers all over the place, yet when I mention this to my family they say I could have swo I picked that up. Hence my theory of the cloaking device. It cloaks everything from my family but shows its true self only to me. I think my kitchen floor was installed the same way.

      And yet another example: recycling. We have a place on the counter where the recycling goes and it is then brought out to the recycling container. Since this is on the counter my earlier theory about the cloaking device seems to apply. However, I've even gone so far as to draw a map that takes you from the counter and goes 30 feet around the coer to the mud room recycling bin. The map is really easy and I even drew in landmarks so my family knew they were on the right path. This was met with much laughter yet I managed to clear the room…..they all walked out on me…laughing as they went.

      So to my conclusion….my kitchen is far too superior for the common family member's mind to comprehend. Only mom and her superior intellect has successfully figured out it's secrets. Mom RAWKS!!!!!!!


      Lisa I've had kitchens, in the past, with this same problem. No matter how many times I explain/show how to use the dishwasher, no one, but me, seems to know how to work it.

      Now the stove is a whole other matter. I go to bed and it's clean and clear, I wake up and dirty pots and pan have mysteriously appeared and nobody did it. I was thinking the Keebler elves came in, cooked and left the mess.

      Let's not talk about the over flowing trash can. Now, this is truly a complicated process. It requires pulling out the old trash bag and putting in a new bag. Instead of doing these two complicated steps, trash will be placed by the trash can instead of in the trash can.

      Thank you Lisa, now I know that it's not just my kitchen.


      Lol…. and here I thought it was only my kitchen! Worse than the invisible countertop is the one that seems to repel objects, forcing DH to leave glasses everywhere in the house BUT the kitchen!

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        LOL! That sounds like my kitchen…. and I do have mysterious people cooking in the middle of the night too at my house on the weekends. It seems like I can never leave a kitchen clean at night and wake up with not a dish sitting in the sink.

        Then the garbage… lets not even go there. Am I the only one who sees it overflowing. Then when it is taking out.. am I the only one who knows how to install a garbage bag.


        Hee Hee..You sound like my friends Kate and Lydia from Rants from Mommyland!! They also have kitchens like yours…And mine…


        My kitchen is the same, same!!! Only, my trash stays in the bags and no one knows how to manuever ouside, open the gate and throw the little white bags into the trashcans. Taking out the garbage is the only reason that I had kids, and they never leaed how!!!
        My DD says that she moving in January. I'm looking forward to cleaning up my own messes and no one elses for awhile.


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          Oh My word I am not alone. Thank goodness I thought it was just my family.



          And ditto Debbie on the trash–though I'll take mine out of the can and put the bag directly in front of the door for the next person to take it out. Somehow they always get out but the trash is exactly where I left it.

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            In my kitchen it is the sprayer for the sink. No matter how many times I explain it's use to my engineer hubby he doesn't seem to understand.


            lol! I seem to have that cloaking kitchen counter as well. I guess I unknowingly purchased a table with that same feature. Who knew?!

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              I'm sorry, I don't have those kitchen problems. I figured out how to solve it. I went on strike and I meant it. I refused to clean the kitchen. It lasted a week before dh gave in. Now HE cleans the kitchen and he is a tyrant about it.

              Actions speak louder than words ladies. LOL!!


              If yours is limited to just your kitchen then consider yourself very lucky. My whole house is complicated. For example I explain to my teenage daughter that after she takes a shower the shower curtain does not automatically close itself. She must actually grab it and pull it closed. I have given numerous demonstrations on this topic and yet the process still escapes her.
              Same with clothes on the floor, hmmm… I have a provided a map to the laundry room, there is even a basket in her room. Yet, clothes still on the floor????
              It's hopeless.


              The only part of my house where there is that type of issues is my sons room. I have spent 8hrs me and my mom both cleaning it. I swore after that never again will I do it. New bed was purchased closet sparkled of the nice clothes actually on hangers ( who knew that's what those funny shaped things was for) this lasted for about 3 days. I think I'm actually being generious with that time frame. Then back to looking as if a bomb went off. I refuse to clean it and make my dh give directions now.. I just keep the door closed! The dogs don't even go in there! Needs yellow tape on the door..

              I just don't get how he can mess it up like that..


              Well I have a solution to the teenage non picker uppers!!! I solved that problem, well lets just say it worked for awhile….I put all the stuff they left lying around in their car. Yep piled it up on the back seat, however if I remember it ended up in the driveway…so scratch that idea. I was so sure it was gonna work. I think every kitchen is like that. And the kitchen table….a whole other story. But I am almost an empty nester and I know I will be complaining when my dd leaves on how much I miss her so really….enjoy every minute with your kids!!!! Even the messy ones!!


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                Ladies, you unknowingly explained this phenomenon when you spoke about your family members' inability to follow a map: it's simply a very poor sense of direction. They really think that the countertop is where the dirty dishes go to get cleaned.
                My other solutions to all of this were:
                If it's not in the hamper, it doesn't get washed. Fortunately, all three of my sons love showers, hate dirty clothes. They each leaed pretty quickly that I meant it.)
                Keep you bedroom door closed. If I don't see it, it doesn't bother me.
                The elves in my house aren't the kind that leave crumbs so much as the kind that make glasses, dishes, spoons and forks disappear. I know that they are (invisibly) present, because soon after I ask DS if he's seen them and he tells me (truthfully, I'm sure) that he has no idea, I'll find them in the dishwasher all clean and ready to be put away. This is why I don't mind the elves: at least they know about the dishwasher.

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